Banned from Discord, a request to be aloud back on

Banned from Discord, a request to be aloud back on.

  • Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Biggus Buggus#4288

  • Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Not quite sure, I was put in the jail for making a joke “im a knotty girl” because admins posted a big message about ERP, I never ERP. Ive made a few jokes about it though. Then I was dumb, and i made a rude comment to a moderator, which a few minutes later was then told bye by someone.

  • State your appeal:
    I came to this community only three days ago and have really enjoyed it, the server is amazing, the people are great and helpful and the discord is cool. I sometimes have a hard time with how i conduct myself in discord, but was learning and doing my best to stay in track with everyone.

I got a little hot headed and quick with my typing and was just told bye, even though I was just asking about the game. I would love another chance, even if I get a temp ban, but if im playing on the server which I do, and i come here to roleplay in this great lil game space station 13, id like to be on the discord.

Im sorry for my few rude lines of text, I let them out way too fast, and didnt think about them because I was in a discussion with another admin about conduct of roleplay on this server due to minging clowns/characters Im really suprised about this ban because I apologized twice, I was just angry that I was talking about a serious roleplay thing when I got pushed off the side. Its not how I try to conduct myself.

I come here to roleplay. I am trying to be a conductive part of the server, I try and help make stories and senarios im not here to troll or minge. Im learning the diffrent jobs and trying to get a mastery of the system. Anyways I plead with you guys that i get another chance, I would like to bug some longer members for mentorships and such because the wiki is a little sparse.

As I said, even its a full ban I hope you reconcider a temp ban or letting me back in. Ill keep it cool, ill limit myself, I just want to have the alerts to new games, and the chance to talk to mentors and other players who have experence because with out it, ill just most likely be lost.

how long does it take to get a response O-o

Wait a bit, an admin/mod will eventually reply.

how longs a bit lol.

Denied extremely sexual on the discord even after you were talked about how were not 18+ and we have kids on the server its not OK its never be OK. I think our headmin Wind dmed you on here.