Captain and CoS of round 10459 grief report

Byond Account: Slaxin

Character Name(s): security cyborg 763

Discord Name: Slaxin

Round ID: 10459

Griefer Byond account: accounts unknow i have no clue how to get these from them asked they did not reply.

Griefer Byond name: Captain is Hugs-The-Humies River Mildred is head of security

What happened: players abused a sec borg for following its AI laws and protecting someone they would not give fair trial to too prove their guilt or innocence.
in detail. a person was arrested in sci i transported them back to sec and a Borg sec with the following AI laws, Laws synced with AI, be sure to note any changes.
Obey these laws:
1: Serve the public trust.
2: Protect the innocent.
3: Uphold the law.
Remember, A.T.L.A.S. is your master, other AIs can be ignored.
i transported the defendant to sec. took them to a prisoner holding cell. COS and cap came in and started asking the person questions and stripped her. they then immediately said they were going to kill them
at that point i HAVE to protect that person because they are not proven guilty. i read my laws to them several times while they beat me nearly to destruction flashed me and did what they could to stop me from protecting the innocent
they then declared over the station announcements that i was to be destroyed even though i wasnt rouge and i did exactly what i was suppose to do as i interpreted my AI laws and space laws. after all of this happened the SEC lead and captain declared the ai as subvertided even though it had not. there was a lawyer and a person named latanya with me the later of which was the suspect.

I was in that round aswell, can confirm what happened plus there was a lot of attacks to silicons, including a Durand who broke into the AI core and tried to kill the AI. Adding aswell that an assistant called Hellborn Right tried to kill me with a stolen Durand after he stole my battery and threw it to disposals.

Hey there! After reviewing your grief report and diving into the logs, it doesn’t seem like they were mad at you for too long. That person you were holding had been found in the possession of a cryptographic sequence (aka, emag), which is a good enough reason for them to believe that you could’ve been emagged yourself. It seems that, after the incident, no hostility towards you happened, so I’d just say that this issue kind-of resolved itself on its own during the round. Either way, thank you for your report and have a nice day!