Conspiracy theories of fulpstation

Need some good conspiracy theory ideas to ramble about drunkenly.

Is John willard actually a hive mind of frogs in a skin suit here to feed off our collective misery?!? I heard him ribbit once!

Does command secretly hoard all the hotdogs to feed to a cosmic horror they keep locked in maintenance?!?!

Is sore yews hair actually made from all the squirrels she tortured and killed as a child?!?! She smells of walnuts and has a dead look in her eyes!

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helian is an mlp pony pretending to be a sunflower over the internet


-KOGNITY the doctor is actually just three medibots in a trenchcoat


-Quinn Enderly’s ban evasion account gained sentience and became Quinn Everly.

-Rides the Lightning is a furry


Whats with maints always having smoke grenades, what could this mean?!?! Also what in the world is the deal with prisoners not being given infinite beer and onion rings!?!?!?! LET ALONE THAT WHY IS THERE ALWAYS SO MANY RATS!?! IS THIS THE WORK OF OUR RAT OVERLORD!?!? THE UNIVERSE MAY NEVER KNOW!!!

Felenids dont care about being a cat person, you can remove their ears and they wouldn’t even notice.

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Village Idiot has one of the staff in his pocket

The last one is true though?


-Vela has a split personality and it’s an antagroller


Centcom are apart of a secret society of flypeople wearing human masks to trick us.

Research John Willard Clandestine Public Golf Course Defecation Cover Up


The world is one big, fake, virtual reality but no one seems to see that.

I am corrupt as fuck


Sheets says they hate MD’s yet put MD in S tier on their fulpstation tierlist :thinking:

What are they hiding

what is he hiding

If not for me and others MDs, Sheets (shits) would end up dead thrice as often

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you have literally never revived me ?

Jed “nugget” Joshek incident

the nanite gorilla massacre of april 2021image


demkova isn’t real, he’s just a legend that the admins made up to make everyone behave, like the tooth fairy or santa

No they’re P nice actually

Shes totally.real :slightly_smiling_face: