Despite pointing out the fact I did not have the Captain's ID in my ban appeal

this major detail being fabricated about why I was banned was neither acknowledged or amended. Is this just how the admins are and make up bogus details in your ban and then when you post logs they just completely ignore it?

Write proper ban appeal when you are calm if you want someone to look into it.

i wrote an extremely detailed ban appeal complete with logs and proof of the fact that the notes in my ban were baseless accusations. it was closed without acknowledgement of my concerns leading me to believe that the admins are in fact doing this intentionally.

Where exactly is this appeal?

Maybe try reading your ban appeal since it was handled already and the reasoning behind your ban never changed. You had the captains ID which is powergaming, You deepfried an antag objective which counts as grief and being a dick, You also deepfried all of tech storage and you did it all as a non-antag mime. Your ban appeal basically amounted to “man they made a single mistake in the wording so my entire ban is now null please unban” when really they made a tiny mistake which was saying you deepfried the captains ID instead of having it on your person as a non-antag mime and you openly admit to deepfrying the CMO’s entire locker contents including the hypo spray which is an antag objective and there was an antag who needed it that round.

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