Is there a specific head admin I can reach out to?

I have made two threads, one of which was a ban appeal about how I never touched the Captain’s ID, and the other a generic thread asking for help regarding the fact they ignored the fact, and logs, proving I did not have the ID.

(OrangeClown: Being specifically targeted by admins; multiple bans have had completely fabricated information in it)
(Despite pointing out the fact I did not have the Captain's ID in my ban appeal)

This is now my third, to point out, yet again, that the Captain’s ID was never in my possession or near my mob, as easily proven by the game logs. Each time I have been more than clear what my concern is:

The admin who banned me did not check the logs, did not check fingerprints, and just went ahead fabricated more than half of my ban message out of thin air.

I don’t know if the admins here do not understand how to read or what; and they simply lock threads without allowing me to respond. I have made a staff report, but that has been ignored.

What are my options here? Is there a specific headmin I can reach out to?

All appeals are dealt with by an admin who was uninvolved in the incident. Once an appeal has been reviewed, there are no further actions that will be taken regarding the complaint unless otherwise specified in the reply.