Eduardo Scherer Murderboning

Byond Account: Sciamach
Character Name(s): ANGEL
Discord Name: Sciira
Round ID: 10437
Griefer Byond account: ???
Griefer Byond name: Eduardo Scherer
What happened:

Eduardo Scherer as the captain murdered and attempted to destroyed the body of a meatman that teleported into his office trying to claim he was a changeling and attacked him.

In actuality, the meatman Subject VIII Blinsky stood there after meatman-teleporting and tried to say hello, only for the captain to jump at him, call for half of SEC to bumrush him and instantly fired lethals.

Please check first if Blinsky was actually a ling before investigating too hard on this one - I meant to look myself but was dealing with life things when it popped up and closed SS13 and byond before checking.

Ahelp was submitted in-game but no staff were available.

Was in that round, I was a ghost, checked if that meatman was a ling. He definitely wasn’t, probably a shitter doing greytide or a traitor with objectives, but they definitely didn’t do anything worth it to be considered ling shit or anything. If i recall, the only things he stole were captain gloves and a captain satchel.

Funny thing I actually made a grief report where the captain that round was actually also the victim of a shuttlegib grief by a non-antag: Grief Patrol: Gibbing captain via escape shuttle

This was dealt with, thanks for reporting it!