Eeker the Profit Catcher abusing captain role

Byond Account: Time_URSS
Character Name(s): Noah Jones (Dominick Marrow)
Discord Name: Time_URSS#3724
Round ID: 9171
Griefer Byond account: Unknown
Griefer Character name: Eeker the Profit Catcher, D.O.S. (AI)

What happened: That round, acted like an absolute clown captain. Abused role once more by setting people to arrest for fake suspicions. Claimed my NASA curator space suit was syndie while I explicitedly told them it was a curator perk, harmbatoned me several times while I wasn’t being neither aggressive nor resisting arrest, left me in the brig for 10 minutes without anything happening until he eventually let me out. Claimed false evidence and accusing me of being a suspected traitor (I was one, but they had no proof, no witnessed nor anything to incriminate me, neither I did anything suspicious rather than asking for EVA access and a jetpack as a curator). Eeker tends to abuse a lot as captain often, mainly powertripping and ignoring all kind of management, which definitely can’t make him a fit captain. The AI, in the other side, was actively incriminating me, harassing me and assisting the Captain on making that shift a hell for me.

Taken care of.