End of round murderbone

Byond Account: Moifern
Character Name(s): Plastitanium Galena
Discord Name: Moifern 
Round ID: 12999
Griefer Byond account: ?
Griefer Byond name: Courier Six
What happened: I was a free golem, went to station at round end. Go to departures, round had like 3 minutes left. Courier six going around with a circular saw, watched him kill a detective. Didn't intervene until they attacked me. They also were trying to kill a mime. Non-antag.

Is this EORG or?

prolly not because end of round is when the end screen popups

“round had like 3 minutes left”
my best guess is no

Looks like this person has griefed more than once and has a separate grief patrol ALSO active on them. Linking it here for whichever moderator investigates one of these patrols so they can kill two birds with one stone (Round 12997): [Round 12997] Officer goes against command, randomly harmbattons people for no reason

Kinda wild two open grief reports would be for the same person AND for different rounds.

This has been taken care of- thanks!