EosStation: New map feedback request


This is a new map. It’s close to being finished and I would love for the community to help me improve it. Link will be provided, any and all feed back is welcomed please reach out for anything.

The map is pretty large and have been working on it for a few months so I’m sure things are not there or unfinished so feel free to reach out

(updated map)

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Engineering looks good
Atmos looks beautiful plus point for the mixing chambers but i don’t really see any external airlock in engineering except for the sm one.
Also that’s a lot of solars.
Why is the maint so massive?
Why is comms inside the AI sat and not near engineering?
Why is Eva inside Bridge?
Shouldn’t AI Sat have solars too?

Hey Oliver thanks for the help

  1. Maint is massive for now I wanted it to be for 100+ players so I went quite big so I can scale down.

  2. I found coms bring in AI to be an excuse for people to visit the AI area more frequently

  3. The Eva storage will be moved soon

  4. Good point ill add it right now

Isn’t the AI area restricted why would you wanna make it a tourist spot?
Also got a few more questions
There’s two public garden?
Why is there multiple room scattered across the station just filled with scrubbers and big scrubbers?
Why are all the welder tanks and water tanks in a room and not in maintenance,It isn’t really big of a problem but just wondering.
There also seems to be a mixing room connected to viro for some reason?

Cargonia looks big but cramped at the same time, Like, two protolathes and autolathes?!

Also am i blind? Where is the commisary office?!

Is the commissary office QM?

Ill change the position if needed so standby

Yeah there is one large garden one has more animals and another is there for simple foods

Those scattered rooms are rooms that are used to give atmos to the asteroid if they get disconnected from the others, its for autonomy which is why there is so many solars

The water and welding is like a janitorial outpost but it is also for autonomy

The mixing chamber is to run the incinerator

Looks good to me!
But if possible can you add a external airlock next to the hfr so atmos can make a cooling loop for it?


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Actually one last thing it’s been bugging me but why is there two solars setup next to each other with different computers shouldn’t you just merge it?
just south of the lawyer’s office

one is for service the other is in charge of the area around sec , also it is all divided because a pod is there

Ah i didn’t notice the pod but what about the solars next to medbay there isn’t a pod there right?

the pods are between:

supply and med bridge

ai bridge

command to engineering bridge

service to engineering bridge

service to security bridge

Its an empty office where you have shipping supplies and such, i love to make shops there, every station has it, Selene has some great ones below botany and evac

would you prefer if I make 2 empty whole rooms in the hallways so you can make shops there; if so where would you like it

Hmm, maybe. If so, i think between cargo and medbay or something would do, the commisary office has generaly a cargo style. I mean there is a vacant and a commisary office on most maps, the vacant ones are more full of paperwork and hidden. But its up to you, something new would be nice.

Also you may have putted way too much mining tools between the asteroids

for the vacant what would you like in it, grey floors, rods, metal, glass?

and yeah probably too many tools but will see

so I have decided to put it near evac and near medbay (high traffic areas), the area will have a spray can some rods some glass some iron so its all up to you what you would like to bring

Well, you see, i honestly don’t care. But if you want inspiration, Boxstation and Selenestation are great examples, they are mostly half-hidden abandoned offices with loads of paperwork and office stuff on it.

There is also way too many fully-stocked maint rooms, maybe you could just put some shutters, floors and such and repurpose it to one of those offices.

But besides some nitpicks here and there, not a bad station.

got you so less stocked stuff and make the areas more run down