Felinids start with brain damage

Exactly what it says. Make felinids start with a minor amount of brain damage. People complain that felinids are just humans reskinned, so this will make them unique.


Give them the ability to stop bleeding via licking back so they will get banned for erp. Should make them the only race to have a ability that nets them a ban. Which is unique if you do ask me.

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Should make it so that everytime a felinid says “UwU” they get brain damage, because no person with a functioning brain would do this


Maybe like a list of OwO UwU nyaaa kind of stuff that just gives you a fuckton of brain damage each time, up to 199?


Make them start with the dumbness trauma

Do they have improved dark vision?

My favourite part about this is that people are discussing this semi-seriously

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as it should be

give felinids their own language rather than giving them random brain damage which can cause issues while playing.
Felinids already get a mood boost from being table slammed, because well, TABLES!! so technically yhey are already unique. giving them a complete disadvantage like brain trauma is… ugly

Yes that is the point. You choose a race and knowingly get whatever disadvantages come with that race. Flies and moths take serious damage from flyswatters. Catgirls should be punished too.

Laser pointers are heavily ignored as a weakness for felinids, Maybe buff it more to also stun lock them instead of making them… move one tile towards the laser?

No. They’re getting brain damage.

welp prepare for more humans that are non unique at all I suppose

Right now, I’m thinking of giving them a roundstart trauma called “degenerate” (like beefmen have their roundstart traumas) that gives brain damage based on saying weeb shit like “nyaa”, “OwO”, Japanese honorifics “~”. Any other suggestions for a list?

Just to make life easier and perhaps quicker, image
Force them to ONLY have that language and they can not speak galactic common. Helps prevent needing to code an entirely new brain trauma

If they only had nekomimetic, it would make metagangs so much worse, which is already a common issue with felinids.

I don’t think brain damage is fair but race unique quirks are always interesting.

I’d also wanna quit if I only heard weeb speak from the 84727285 felinid mains on Fulp.

Make that they can only eat mice.

laser pointers let them literally clip through walls, and at most theyll move one tile. How is this a weakness…

Imagine a catgirl captain that literally can’t communicate with command. Perfect, wonderful, balanced idea.

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And steal the lunch of valuable lizard employees? That would be terrible.