Fluffyghost Ban Appeal

Byond Account: Fluffyghost 
Character Name(s): S.T.U.P.I.D.
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): FluffyGhost#3925
Round ID of Ban: 21810 

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

Banned from Roles: silicon, AI, Cyborg permanently - Admin interact
Kept rule lawyering about using UwU speak as the AI after being told to stop. Argued that your AI was “build in japan or something”. You can appeal this when you agree that this is not how to appropraitely play AI (or any role). Round 21810

State your appeal:

I was not arguing, I said ok in the first interaction, the ticket was close on my face, I then asked what rule was it because I couldn’t find anything against it, I was told it was the medium roleplay rule that state:

“Fulpstation is a Medium Roleplay server. We define this as performing your assigned duties. This is a ‘do your job’ server. This means it is important to do what is expected out of your department and not what would be expected out of other departments.”

And that there’s no reason a corporation would design an AI to speak in a funny way, to which I replied asking if maybe it was designed in japan and that we already have some software that talk like that after all

The above mentioned rule does not talk about how to speak and we already have robots that talk funny in the service industry, besides it was just some joking with the captain and I was performing my duty as expected, a permanent ban for some funny messages and asking some questions after I acknowledged the admin’s desire for me to stop and not do it seems unfair

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This is the second issue with staff asking you to change your name/how you are acting to fit with the server being MRP and you ignoring it/rule lawyering which resulted in a ban.

This ban is placed properly and it will stay, but you can make another appeal in a month.