FulpStation Station Feedback

Post feedback/ bug reports for the Fulp Station Station here.

I already got the bathroom airlock wall, total lack of doors in the prison, and wiring issue in the disposals room

this area spawns text saying there should be a dead body there i deleted it cause a player was going to make a statue of it lol

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Sec delivery access has no windoor, atmos pumps and scrubbers block the way out/in, morgue can be accesed by engineers

Cargo conveyors don’t work, cargo also runs out of power even before the map is finished loading, brigh overkeep doesnt have windoors, armory windoors dont have access, and finally I saw perma had NO DOORS!

kitchen has two set of doors north and south ones, the hydro next to kitchen doesnt have a window so anyone can enter it, and i dont know if this ones intentional but the chef cannot leave from the kitchen hydrophonics door.

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Alot of the maintenance airlocks are all access, anyone can access engineering next to the Supermatter through maintenance.

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oh and the medical doors, you cannot leave by yourself, you need a medical personnel to help you get out.

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The sm setup is broken

None of the maintenance doors seem to have unrestricted exit access.

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i love the sec post in eng

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med doors don’t have the one way all access to get out

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engi maints issues, medbay lobby doors not being AA when exitting, wire problem to the right of rd office in maints, vault doors not bolted, all of sci maints being normal maints access, actually just all maints is normal maints access, missing wire under beefman plush room to the right of medbay, also in the beefman plush room the surgery table has
will find more later

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hole under ai upload door

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The departmental delivery chutes are in the wall and go to nowhere

This is the door to the bitrunning room, for some reason theres a wall in the way of the door

photo 1: the departmental delivery chutes, they are located inside of the wall and dont lead to anywhere
photo 2: the bitrunning den’s airlock has a wall inside it

edit: also found that the warehouse has no button to open the shutters
Screenshot 2024-02-10 225043

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Also there was a roundstart squid cloak in this locker in dorms?

Bot access to the security office lacks a windoor

Not to mention its connected directly to equipment

no windoors/doors at hop office

sorry for the darkness but sec entrance has no windoors

also the armory windoors are aa

fucked up firelock in perma

ai upload tube is not there

doubledoor to kitchen, one of which is aa

no aa on the topside, you’re trapped forever

really dark in perma

Mining shuttle dock does not have a console on station to call it back up
Also the airlock to the pod has access restrictions so only some people can access it

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