Gary Greytide is a big mean mother hubbard

A guy named “Gary Greytide”, turns out to be an actual Greytider and an as5.

For example, round 9283 - I just caught the guy (half-naked assisstant) slipping into tech storage after me (an honest, good working texan station engineer), He quickly swiped flashes and insulated gloves.

My efforts to call help and keep him stuck in there proved fruitless, since he had like 5 of these flashes and I play as a moth so even disarming wouldn’t work.

He then proceeded to assault me multiple times, ultimately throwing me at the door to open it and “thanking me for the stuff he got”.

I said “for example”, because I can’t remember any other personal interactions with the guy, only heard others complaining about him up to this point.

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How could he slip 5 flashes on him if tech storage has only 2?

Also, not gonna lie but I pretty much agree with Likteer, Gary Greytide is known for, well, greytiding as an assistant. It’s not the first time I see him wanted by security often, or breaking into high-restricted places or other workplaces, annoying other workers. Had to kick him some times out of there.

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