General incompotence by security

Byond Account: Exymian
Character Name(s): Mehmed Miller
Discord Name: Exymian
Round ID: 9164
Griefer Byond account: ?
Griefer Byond name: Eduardo … (HoS)
What happened: I was a jani and i got stung by someone but i suspected a doctor. I go to medbay i get put into cryo, the doctor ling spaces me after i get released from cryo. Lance(a roundstart perma prisoner) finds me in arrivals space, takes me in and loots my unconcious body. After 7 minutes i finally wake up and apparently he did something and was on the run. I wake up and find him running and we both get arrested. Its all normal till now.

Hos demands we both get ling tested because somehow we are both mehmed miller according to him while failing to check if lance is wearing my id. I get tested and get revived but i am put in perma for attempted murder??? he had no evidence, nobody and not even a weapon on me. I told the HoS that the doctor they made a brig doctor was the ling that killed me. He refused to do any tests on him nor even cuff him. He did not listen to reason, he did not use logic and all he did was phase out on his bottomless pit he calls a brain.

Also i want to learn if that ling succeeded in killing me after i went ssd in perma because it had no power. I have no way of checking round end results.

Also do what you see fit but that man does not deserve to play HoS.

Ye I witnessed all that too. I was the AI, I’ve seen that HoS cringe a lot as that job.

Taken care of.