Grief Patrol: 3 people coordinately murder me

BYOND name: Time_URSS
Character name: Noah Jones
Discord name: Time_URSS#3724
Round ID: 10476
Character names: Likteer, Seymour Mcloskey, Jeffrey Magor
BYOND names: I suppose Likteer, Unknown and Ninija157, respectively.

What happened: First of all, Jeffrey Magor. I was playing DotA in the bar, when he comes and threatens to kill me if I play it again. I go to medbay, and stand somewhere. I notice Seymour was there, and he hits me qith a pickaxe, so I shove him, and return him that hit. Both come at the bar, where Jeffrey starts throwing me chairs, so I retaliate and hit him aswell. Both keep hitting me until I drop down in crit (of course I was retaliating during all the fight), and Likteer comes in from nowhere (he wasn’t even involved in anything) and decides to welder me to death. Seymour looted all my stuff while Jeffrey killed me over a song.

This issue has been handled, thank you for reporting it and have a nice day!