Grief Patrol: Deputy tries to attack heads for not giving her AA

Byond Account: TheA1ternative

Character Name(s): Victor Vahn

Discord Name: TheA1ternative#0004

Round ID: 9735

Griefer Byond account: ???

Griefer name: Genette McDonohugh

I late join as 3rd HoP (somehow). First time HoP so I had a fun time learning the role.

Later the Deputy known as Genette McDonohugh had came to me saying the HoS wanted to “promote him”. I tried to get reply from HoS/Acting Captain “Sore” but no reply. So I simply just made her a security officer and went on my way with others in line.

Genette got let into my office because they managed to convince AI to be let in and refused to leave after I asked her several times. She almost gave herself AA while gravity was down but I logged out of the console just in time. I then asked Cap/HoS to come in and deal with their clearly rogue officer.

Genette then proceeded to demand that she wont leave unless she is made HoS to which I denied and asked her to leave. She then proceeded to claw me and the HoS. HoS removed her from my office and she yelled on the radio that I and captain were lings and that she “saw my armblade”. I could not possibly be a ling as I was a late join.

She then proceeded to hack open my door and HoS saved my ass again. While she was shouting things about me being a ling on the radio I asked for an engie to fix my permabolted open door. To which the AI kept spamming it open and closed (AI was subverted to serve lings, said “no” when asked to state laws). AI flashed me in my own office and Isaac Martin demanded I turn myself in as “ling” after I asked Isaac to help get Genette away from me/arrest Genette.

Ran out of my office, hid in lawyer office. Destroyed AI cam in there and welded door. Round ends and neither Genette or Isaac show up as lings on end of round report.

Looking into it
EDIT: Doneski, thanks for the report!