Grief Patrol: Walter White griefs me in cult round

BYOND account: Time_URSS
Character name(s): Noah Jones
Discord name: Time_URSS#3724
Round ID: 10398
Griefer BYOND account: Unknown
Griefer Character name: Walter White

What happened: During a cult round, he decided to go into my room as a lawyer while I was SSD (I was a detective), and steal my ID, cuff me and buckle me to a chair. Then proceeds to loot my body. When I come back, I get EMP’d by a cultist through the walls, so I take a while to get out. I give up to the cult since security wasn’t paying attention to anything and no one was giving a shit, so I finally die as a Juggernaut. I check him meanwhile, and I see he’s not even a cultist, and he uses my ID to take off his warrant and to abuse.

Here appears with his warrant removed and starts to abuse my ID

Dealt with, thanks for the report!