How to stop your workers from Unionizing by beating them to submission, a guide on dealing with Revolutionaries as a Head of Staff


As the Captain, you are the most wanted person on the station, as you have the most access. Grab a flash from the Bridge or Brig, grab SecHUDs and mindshield cargo. Remember that the telescopic baton is better than the stunbaton, but there’s nothing stopping you from dual wielding. The best course of action is to red alert and give security approval to execute those who can’t be deconverted and open the armory (if you’re not feeling robust, you can take a riot suit, or wear your hardsuit and ride on a scooter). Avoid turtling and make frequent visits to cargo to open and take mindshields. As the person with the most access, you can baton a rev, bring them to an area others don’t have access to and mindshield in peace. Unlike what people say, maintenance is likely the best place to be, you can escape from cargo to the halls and from there to brig through maint (map dependant) and with guns, it’s harder for people to chase you down.

Head of Security:

Once confirmed, get SecHUDs to all heads of staff, take the mindshields from your office and mindshield cargo. Make frequent visits to cargo to restock on mindshields, open the armory and try to get Security to turtle. Unlike what people say, turtling is a good thing if revs don’t have bombs. Spreading Security out will lead to being picked off one by one. It is a good idea to get firefighting gear or a firesuit, as plasmafloods are frequent. Avoid being near other heads of staff, as revs are more likely to gang lynch both of you when you could otherwise outrun them alone. If the Captain hasn’t approved, send headrevs to labor camp. Mindshields should be given out like this:
Cargo (for mindshields) -> Science (because they’ll bomb you and cause golemtide) -> Service (because they are great in numbers) -> Medical (In case of disease outbreak or dead Security/Heads) -> Engineering (Most engineering staff have easy access to flash protection and will likely lock Engineering down), with people attacking you getting priority over this list.

Head of Personnel:

Close your line, get SecHUDs, ask the Captain for approval to get Armory access to open mindshields, then remove your access to the ID console, you don’t need it, revs do. Get a riot suit if possible, from there you can act like a Security officer, responding to calls and opening/distributing mindshields. If the Captain is dead, approve of the execution of those who can’t be deconverted. Get insuls and hacking tools to escape dangerous situations (ex: Malf AI bolts/shocks you in a plasmaflooded room)

Research Director:

Lock Science down and bolt Toxins storage. Get SecHUDs, a gun, and Diagnostic huds. Bolt all airlocks to maint, either card the damn AI (AIs are a massive target on Revs and laws can’t be changed while in an intellicard) or move their core to your office. Take the spare hand tele, rush mindshield nanite research and start giving all Science personnel nanites, you or a Scientist should also build 2-3 public nanite chambers in the halls, near Medical and near Brig (You should also announce this to Command so they can also take advantage of it). Robotics should be first as they can make mechs, will likely subvert AI, and block your access to surgery tools, which you might need for deconversions. If you catch a revolutionary, cuff them and bash their head with the telescopic baton until deconverted. If put in crit, tend wound surgery and repeat, then delete their nanites and implant them with new ones. If you catch a headrev, bring them to your office in handcuffs, close the shutters, take their headset off and PDA the Captain for permission to execute if they hadn’t already given it. Hide their body in your locker or suit storage unit, as not many people check them.

Chief Engineer:

Get SecHUDs and a gun, lock Engineering down (you can set up a barrier similar to the one Xenobiology has) and tell all Engineers to get flash protection, as they likely will not be getting mindshielded until late in the revolution. Tell command the airlock wires and stay far away from the Supermatter as possible. Bolt all airlocks to maint and prevent atmos sabotage. Build an autolathe and, if you have approval, build a mini medbay in case of dead Engineers or disease outbreak. Build a flamethrower “just in case” and if you’re the last head of staff, plasmaflood everything and take the atmos fireaxe to go to town. Until then, respond to calls of fire at Cargo, as they’re the most important department. If Engineers start to swarm you, don’t feel scared to run into your office and flush yourself down disposals. If reports come that the RD is dead, close all APCs to Xenobio from the console in your office. Don’t forget your damn magboots, they’re free noslips! If you catch a headrev, bring them to your office in handcuffs, close the shutters, take their headset off and PDA the Captain for permission to execute if they hadn’t already given it. Hide their body in your locker or suit storage unit, as not many people check them.

Chief Medical Officer:

Get SecHUDs and a gun, abandon your cloak, either turtle in the brig or cargo, or act like a Security Officer. Medbay doesn’t exist anymore. Remember your hypospray is good for emergency healing, and act like a brig medic if required or if you’re just bored. Again, medbay does not exist. Even if Medbay gets mindshielded, the fact that it’s the easiest department to enter means you’ll never be safe in it.


Despite not being a head, the QM is extremely important. Go to brig and ask to get mindshielded. Ask for SecHUDs, a gun and a spare Security belt from either Warden or HoS’ locker. Order mindshields, bolt all airlocks to maint in Cargo, and get cargo techs and Shaft Miners mindshielded (Rev Shaft Miners are a nightmare, the sooner the mindshield, the better). Kick out ALL non mindshielded/Cargo personnel. Go to the vault and put the techfabs of Medical (Easy access to weapons and tools to revive fellow revs) / Science & Robotics (To prevent mech building and slow down Xenobio golemtide by preventing them from printing upgrades) on hold until you have confirmation those departments are mindshielded. Ask for armory access or ask Cap/HoP/HoS/Warden to open mindshields whenever they come in. If you catch a headrev, bolt yourself in your office with them in handcuffs and PDA the Captain for approval to execute if they hadn’t already given it. The worst thing you can do is try to bring them to the brig where they can get grabbed by revs and you get lynched.


Wuh oh. Time to listen to none of this and die to revs in the hallway.

Great guide, and has a whole bunch of tips I’d never think of. Appreciated.

I love this, also remember, as CE you have one of 4-5 suits on the station that can survive crazy fires so plasmaflooding with cans is VERY good if everything is fucked.

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Good guide, helped me get revenge after a humiliating first game as HoS against revs :)

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Don´t worry, i have a toy sword

Fuck this! I am hiding on the Supermatter and taking the shutter’s button with me! No one will ever catch me ali–

I remember last time it was a Rev round there was no sec and only me (Captain) HOP and CMO. They was breaking in bridge and we had no weapons, so we had to escape to the AI sat (While taking all high security things like my laser gun) after that we changed AI laws so i was the only human, one of the heads recommended me to do so. Situation was desperate so i only though of one thing to do, ask AI to purge all revs. Oh boi, AI turned off power in genetics and medbay, electrified all doors, plasma flooded medbay and burned EVERYONE IN IT! Although meteors become so we just died in AI sat and got our bodies teleported by CMO to lavaland and we lost… But CMO was a fucking mad lad and got on evac shuttle with borg, bolting down doors of cockpit and just mocking revs.


Oh also thanks, this guide actually worked. I didn’t even know that walking in hallways during Rev as captain is even possible HAH! NOW I DO THIS EVERYDAY, I WALK IN HALLWAYS AHAHAHHAHSHSHAHSHZHSHS