I got banned a while back, wanna play again

Byond Account: TacticGuy
Character Name(s): unknown
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): TacticGuy#3551
Round ID of Ban: unknown

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Metacomming (asking for a friend to be unbanned)
State your appeal: I played a long time ago, probably a little less than a year now on the server and remembered having a ton of fun on it, I recommended it to a friend and we played a bunch separately but in the same game, usually talking about it after in vc, all but one round where he wanted to learn robotics or something and I told him to come to me so I could make him a cyborg and show him how to do it through discord, since it was convenient. Some time after my friend got into a situation where he said the word cum or something in a joking sense and was kicked from the server and banned for two hours, which he posted on the forums and asked why he was banned, the moderator said something in the ban reason which upset him since it insinuated that he was a pedophile saying something like “using sexual content around minors” so my friend said in the forums that the ban reason made no sense since there was no way to know who was a child and the fact that the word was used in a joking context to which the moderator replied that they keep a list of all the children on the server or something so my friend insinuated back that it was something a pedophile would do (COMPLETELY UNRELATED TO ME), which the moderator immediately permanently banned him without warning and closed the forumn, I asked in mod chat why he was banned and had my question vaguely answered where they said he was being sexual around minors, I asked again and my mod ping perms were removed, again without warning, and I was kicked from the server. Apparently the person that kicked me was different and the boyfriend to the woman who kicked my friend, I appealed my ban on forumns and discord and said that I Hadn’t done anything, they said I was metacomming, which I admitted to as I wasn’t going to lie about it, which we had never done previously and my ban was extended to permanent, the boyfriend of orginal mod who banned my friend banned me…

I really don’t care about the old stupid drama and I have no hard feelings. It’s been a long time and I’d just like to be able to play again.

I actually just looked back over my old reports on the situation make sure what I said was true and I definitely realize now that I was in the wrong, I acted innapropriately and I apologize. The response makes sense. I was metacomming and I deserved a ban for that.

I’d love to be able to play again as it has been a long time. Thanks.

We had an admin chat over this and decided we’re not going to be accepting this appeal for a few different reasons.

  1. Most of the information you provided was for a situation your friend was involved in and not the reason you where banned
  2. This ban appeal has false information that also has nothing to do with your appeal
  3. This appeal comes off as trying to spark old drama

We have no reason to believe your not going to metacom and we don’t welcome the dramatics into the community. In your last ban appeal we also had an issue with you lying and then resubmitting appeals hoping to get unbanned you where warned for your behavior and where told you had one last chance well this was it this ban will not be getting appealed now or anytime in the future.