Make revolution rounds less boring after Rev/Head win

After TG removing anything except dynamic, revolution became kinda strange gamemode. Both sides like always fight in a struggle and one of it wins after causing alot of damage to station, and when there was no only-dynamic round would end after that. But now it doesn’t end, and leaving heads/revs alone with semi-working station. I think we should add something to make it end properly, for example:

  1. Automatic shuttle call after win.
  2. Deathsquad arrives after Revs win. (You know, maybe it will be fun if we ever see ERT not in bus rounds)

Also maybe after Rev win exiled heads and security personnel can somehow retake the station back? That would be epic to watch.

I agree the nuke on board should explode after the revs win

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Well, nukes doesn’t explode actually. They just show epic cinematic and end round.

Yeah it should explode i agree don’t you?

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Well, they will at least end round you know

Yeah so basically explode it

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The POINT of a revolution is that you’re TAKING CONTROL of the station.
You fought a fucking war to take control of a station, only to immediately leave it???

Yes this is extremely logical, BUT! In my experience of gamemode, people get bored really fast after win.

But it’s just a regular round after that? Continue with your job like normal, there’s more antagonists after.

Wella fter heads win this is actually possible BUT! In my personal experience after Rev win station become really a place of crimes, where people are just tiding anywhere they want because there is no sec to stop it… i actually have a idea how to fix this! BECOME A VIGILANTE AFTER REV WIN! PUBLICLY EXECUTE EVEN FOR PETTY CRIMES LIKE THEFT! MAUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Or you know detonate the nuke why can we have three nukes on the station?

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NT should send a squad of officers to purge the separatists, no?

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Logically yes.

A recent assessment of your station has marked your station as a severe risk area for high ranking Nanotrasen officials. For the safety of our staff, we have blacklisted your station for new employment of security and command.

Remember, union dues cost around 70,000 credits a year. A new video game system with the latest hits sounds like fun. Put your money towards that instead of paying dues to the union.

Remember, tickets & food to the Toolbox Tournament aren’t cheap. That money in union dues you’d be paying every year could sure go a long way.

Remember, nothing’s more enjoyable than a night out watching a thunderdome match with your buddies. All those union dues you pay every year could buy a few rounds.

Nanotrasen’s open door policy is designed to help you feel comfortable taking up issues to your assigned head of staff. It’s hard for us to maintain this when they’re dead.

Makes sense, Nanotrasen sucks.

This is already a thing of them having to survive, no?

Deathsquad is way too unbalanced for regular rounds.

What’s the point of the revolution then?

my only issue is that noone knows whos a rev anymore, basically all teamwork that existed prior dissolves into ungas fighting over loot while the plasmafire that just happened in the brig depressurises the entire station and engis are busy breaking into places. Enemies of the revolution also have no endgame, sure they have to survive but basically noone acts against this since they dont have the objective to kill them (or atleast dont notice it, I rarely let myself be converted to conversion antags so i wouldnt know) its all just too open ended with noone to enforce spacelaw or command departments and usually ends with a buncha people dying from atmosphere.

Solution there would be to discourage the use of plasmafires. You’re fighting to take over a station, not burn it to the ground.

Which would be a policy issue, probably dont need any more of those, with dragon existing and everything… Im also not 100% sure on how we can encourage revs to maintain the station mechanically, we could take the same approach cult does and make building bases viable but im clueless as to what kinda features it should offer.

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At least cult rounds ends when cult wins