Marczin Szebeszyzki antag rolling

Byond Account: TheVillageStoneMason
Character Name(s): Tuyi
Discord Name: BigManMason
Round ID: Multiple, they will be provided per heading.
Griefer Byond account: ?
Griefer Byond name: Marczin Szebeszyzki

What happened: Other players and I have caught Marcizn dying early on multiple rounds, attempting to antag roll. These were compiled into one big grief patrol to show that this player consistently demonstrates this behaviour and it was not a one off incident.

Round 12996
  • Whilst in transit, Marczin purposefully jumped off the mining shuttle, after they did not roll antag. This was apparently not the first case of this happening; however, there are no other round IDs to support this.

Round 13013
  • After observing roundstart, I check Marczin to see that he is dying in toxins test site. This was 6 minutes into the round. I believe that he spent those 6 minutes waiting for a conversion antag (cult/revs) to be announced, killing himself when they were not made present.
Round 13018
  • Once again, I observe the round and after a few minutes pass (not sure on the exact time but under 10 minutes), I see that Marczin has died in space yet again. Similar to the last one, the fact that this was not instant, leads me to think they were waiting for a conversion antag.
Round 13020
  • This time, I watched Marczin from roundstart, until his passing. Straight away he did not prepare any gear or show signs of doing his job. He spent a few minutes running laps before going into the vacant commissary at around 5-6 minutes. He waited in this room for 5 minutes, again, waiting for conversion antags, before walking out and throwing himself into space at the 10 minute mark.

  • After being found in space, around 20 minutes in, he is revived in medbay. After being revived, he does not say a word and then spends the rest of the shift in a locker in maints.

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TL;DR Marczin throws himself into space after he doesn’t roll antag, waiting a few minutes to see if he can get converted to a team antag.

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can confirm i have gotten this dude from space many times. just the last round i played 13020 his body was in deep space and i had to go get him. he wasnt a target of any antags so i know he put himself out there. also i have seen him hulk tiding. basically takes up a paramed slot and doesnt do his job at all. if anything the opposite of it since i saw him cremate a souled body just last night

Now that you say it, I must say that I do only see him alive when hes antag, should it be worth saying. Not the first time I see that, neither. Also couls someone check around the 1301X round logs where there were war ops? We could get some deduction from that round.

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dealt with thanks for telling us