Marczin Szebeszyzki- random killing

Byond Account: Time_URSS
Character Name(s): Noah Jones
Discord Name: Time_URSS#3724
Round ID: 13010
Griefer Byond account: Kacperpl123pl
Griefer charater name: Marczin Szebeszyzki
What happened:

I had arrested someone called Sandra Perkins because they were trying to break into security, although it was sec’s job, but the warden wasn’t present. So I had to keep them into the holding cell, until a rastorm started. I went to maints when it started, and Marczin came in. When she started lying about her arrest, and accusing me of being a traitor (despite everyone knowing that detectives cannot be traitors), Marczin starts killing me, until death. When round ended, he appears to be a traitor, however neither I was his target nor the arrested girl was, adding aswell that she thanked Marczin for not arresting them.


Like I told you in ahelps, you were standing near a target and he attacked you because of the acceptable killing policy of pursuing officers. You were both in maintenance so he tought that the detective was there for you.

I was the detective, Marczin came to me and smashed me. You didn’t tell me who was his target neither.

It was one the docs and like I said he tought you would arrest him in maintenance. Antagonist can defend themselves if they are pursued.

The case has been dealt with already.