Maxim Wentzel - Antag rolling

Byond Account: johnwillard
Character Name(s): John Willard / Tuyi / Others
Discord Name: John Willard#6211
Round ID: Several, all listed below
Griefer Byond account: Bruhsyster371
Griefer Byond name: Maxim Wentzel
What happened: This grief patrol has been documented over the past 1-2 months throughout several rounds with the work of several people. I'll be splitting this into 2 parts: Antag rolling, and Discord interactions.
  1. Antag rolling
    Below are all the screenshots and round IDs we had documented (which only count times we’ve personally seen it):

Round ID - 12205; Ghosted on nukies to try to get a nukie ghost role (This is a common theme in this thread)

Round ID - 12400; Ghosted in mining bay as a Shaft Miner to get midrounds

Round ID - 12532; Purposely died to a single goliath on nukies (This is also a common theme, more explanations about this in the Discord Interactions section)

For now, just to show that this really was antag rolling, here is him getting the Antagonist role he wanted (Same round):

Round ID - 12552; Ghosted in medbay as an Assistant to roll for midrounds (This used to be a common theme for Maxim, we’ve frequently seen this happen, but didn’t take screenshots as we haven’t started documenting it yet)

Round ID - 12589; Died to hiero 5 minutes in, likely a suicide trying to make it look like an “accidental death” again.

Round ID - 12596; Ghosted in a locker, but was still there the rest of the round as an active observer

  1. Discord interactions
    Over the past month, we’ve tried to confront Maxim on his antag rolling, to which he doesn’t really care about openly discussing. Along with this, he seems to have some wacky characteristics.

Here is when I once poked fun at him for antag rolling, and he retaliated by basically saying “So what”

Here is where he basically admits he is antag rolling, and talks about how he’ll change his name so we don’t notice it’s him

Going back to the Antag rolling part where he’d frequently “accidentally” die to megafauna early, he admitted that is it something he can do to “cheese” it, so he definitely knows its a thing, so it’s very likely that’s what he’s been doing.
Just so I don’t seem biased, here’s his response to Fernando

As a bonus, this was his response to a (now deleted) racist gif posted in the server:


The last part was handled by Joyce on the discord but I definitely testify to Maxim’s antag rolling.

It’s also worth mentioning that after the first round (12205), we told him on the discord that this was against the rules and to stop doing it.


this is some next level investigating. i hope it comes through for you man.


The first thing maxim does as a miner is tendril rush and carry an ore box, he fought hiero at the 15 minute mark and maxim is not new to mining, he surely would have either legion cores or luxury pens or basic pens at this point.
He is also using a crusher and look at the hieros health, not even an attempt to kill it



This has been taken care of. Thanks for bringing is to our attention.

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