Mentor application: Jennifer Warren

Byond Account: IAm13YearsOld
Character Name(s): Jennifer Warren
Discord Name: Spooky DcMonald #9503
Age: 19
Timezone: CET +1
Active hours: Usually between 3pm - 9pm and on weekdays and 9am - 1pm

How long have you played on Fulpstation? I have played since February 2020 and in total I have played 393 hours

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?

Service: I know most of all cooking and how to play chef and almost all of the service job, I know how to do botanist (basic stuff of botanist like getting more seed and planting stuff and how to mutate). I also know how to play bartender that and how to make most of the drinks.

Engineering: I know how to build stuff and maintain/repair most of all the stuff you can build but i am not good with how to set up the SM of keeping it from delaming. I know very little about Atmos because i do not play atmos every round.

Cargo: I know cargo very well about what you are supposed to do and how do the stuff you are supposed to do as a cargo tech and i also know the most important thing that cargo needs and that is how to make money quick

Medbay: I am very good at healing people and surgery because Medical doctor is probably one of the most thing i have played. I know how to do chem and i know some advanced stuff and i also know how to do grenade (that might not be important at all)

Security: I have played a lot of security so i know what time they need for a crime if they need to know that and i know for example how to play warden by not giving contraband to random people without permission from hos or captain

Silicon: I have also played a lot of silicon so i know how to act as a borg and what you can do with your laws and what you can’t do as borg with your laws and i also know how to play AI with your laws

Science: I know advanced stuff about xenobio that can help to new people like crossbreed (is not that advanced when you know how to do it), Crossbred can be very hard for new people. I know what to research in the order that is best for everyone but i know very little about toxin. I know how to do basic stuff with nanites like healing and stuff like that. I know how to do geneticist like how to unlock genes and what genes is good to keep and the ones that are not good to keep.

Command: i have played all the commands except CE that i don’t like unlocking. I have played many hours as command so i know what to do as them under a normal shift and i know what to do under crisis like rev round or nukie

What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp? I have notice that a lot of new players are joining fulpstation that needs help with jobs and stuff like that so i want to become mentor to help new players.

Not important to read: i hope i wrote everything right so you can read (i am kind of blind and have lazy eyes)

Perfect. Someone to teach meh xenobio and good medbay, yay!


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Looks at byond key…looks at age…hmstve. hahaha

yea i did that a long time ago with my friends and i thought you could change name and guess what i can’t do that so know i am stuck with that name

“that i hate with my life”

This app has been accepted. Welcome aboard!