Mentor RE-Application: Vae

This is a re-application since its now open to US timezone, its basically the same as my first application except for a few minor differences (more hours and experience with command and science). Hope i make is this time. EDIT: should have probably also said that i have been helping answer people questions in #mentor-help on the discord

Byond Username: Hood Milk

Discord Name: Hood Milk (vae)

Join Date: 2020-07-05

Age: 18

Hours you’ve been on the server: 650+, nearly 700

When you are available or online: Most of the day EST, may vary with my inconsistent sleep schedule

Departments you are able to mentor for: All of science except for toxins. All of service and supply. All of medical. Basic construction of machines and solars for engineering (i dont know SM or any of the big engines) I also know a little bit of atmos but nothing crazy. Can help with most antagonists besides blob. I have general knowledge of a lot of things because I read over the wikis when I’m bored.

What are some thing you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp?: Nothing i can really say in specific as Fulp is the only server i have ever played on but the community is welcoming and most people don’t care if you mess around with gimmicks for a round or two. A lot of newer players still have some difficulty in learning basic gameplay mechanics but they seem eager to learn and respond kindly to help.

Conclusion: This is a server for beginners and I want to be able to help people fall into the deep inescapable hole that is space station 13.


+nerd again, they are a wiki memorizing machine, will save my ass when needed (i got slapped as doctor for fucking up an organ “accidentally”)

+1 good player number/10

Yeah Vea is nice even though they end up dead in a corner most of the time

good luck vae youre epic :] +1

I can’t make anymore edits but i should also note down that I now have atmos experience with setting up the turbine and using coolers and other atmos machinery. And have contributed to the game (in a very minor way honestly) by making a halloween costume for the upcoming event.

Vae is Bae. +1 :]

Still not the same ear quality as buster, hoped that part would improve.
But also unironically just a good pick for mentor.

vae gamin g

I still think this is too soon since your most recent app, and I was not at all impressed with how you handled getting declined. Additionally, I recently had to mute you from the #ask-mods channel for not complying with the rule that the channel is only for moderators to answer questions.

so thats it then? should i just lock this thread down/delete it?

I have seen her save the round from sentient diseases multiple times when viro hasnt done anything, also one of the best xenobio players out there. +1