Oregano discussion

discuss oregano.

do not discuss thyme.

They do smell good i have a couple of them planted near my house when i wake up i pinch them and smell it, It’s good and it smells amazin.

Fun fact oreganos can calm down spiders so yeah do what you will of that information

interesting intel

fresh oregano can be used as a anti-bacterial agent

Oh do you just crush it and ingest it or do you apply it on your bruise/burn?

i think that its better if its oregano oil, it might work if you apply it directly though

i despise thyme

thoughts on mint

only oregano

where can i find organic gluten free oregano

oregano is gluten free

I always put oregano on my toasties to give them that extra oomph. I am a big fan Mr Oregano.

What the f**k is oregano

i like it. is good

Oregano is pretty cool on pizza.

Would you like pictures of oreganos?

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Oregano is a pretty nice spice. I still prefer thyme


i do not like oregano :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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