Permaban Appeal: AtariAlchemist

Byond Account: AtariAlchemist
Character Name: E. V. A.
Discord Name: AtariAlchemist#3955
Round ID of Ban: 14422
Ban Message: As AI, over common, you made a joke about raping and killing a baby: 

“What’s the difference between Isaac Newton and the baby I just killed? Isaac Newton died a virgin.”

Are you fucking serious? Make an appeal on the forums when you’re ready to not make baby rape jokes.

Appeal: This obscene joke was in response to another user asking me over common to say a really edgy joke. They even beat me to the punchline, so I assumed it was fine to say. This is not an excuse, just my ignorance of mod interaction with other players.

In my defense, I am still largely ignorant of the rules for Fulpstation chat. Many of the links in the Byond client were and likely still are broken for Fulp. This is a poor excuse though since I could have found the rules on the discord. I did have to search for the discord, as that link was also broken at the time. I’m sure this forum has the rules posted, though that doesn’t help after the fact.

Upon a VERY brief reflection, I fully acknowledge that while “edgy,” the joke was vulgar and inappropriate to say over common radio, command radio, department radio, or OOC chat. While I doubt it would be tolerated over PDA messages or admin-Help/mentor-Help comments, I don’t plan on testing that out. In the interest of my penitence, I should say that rape and murder are not something I typically find funny. I was trying to be as offensive and off-color as possible, and unfortunately, I seem to have succeeded.
I suspect I wouldn’t have been banned had my router not gone offline, resulting in what could only be interpreted by the mod as a rage-quit or an attempt to circumvent any consequences. As it is, our interaction was very limited, and my only reply was a comment that ALL dead baby jokes are inappropriate, which may have come across as flippant.

I think it’s also worth noting that this is not only my first permanent ban, but also my first ban in general.
I have been PMed by mods in the past however for various infractions. These range from:

  1. Player-player interactions (performing brain surgery on a clown because my character is afraid of them)

  2. Actions relative to my position (not following the chain-of-command when promoting crew members as captain)

  3. Actions out of ignorance (messing with the supermatter core when I had no idea how to be the station AI)

I have always been cooperative, transparent about my behavior and understanding of the rules when they are spelled out to me. I have a history of double-checking with mods that bizarre kills, actionable behavior and crew duties are in-character. A clown blinding all command staff round after round with a laser-pointer, for example.

I want Fulpstation to be a fun server to play on just as much as the mods, despite what my actions have shown. If my ban is removed, I’ll carefully read the rules so I may endeavor to stop pushing the limits of what is allowed. Thank you for your consideration.

You really need to read the rules to know that making a joke about raping kids wouldn’t be welcome here?
Get fucked.