Private123's Contributor Application

Byond Account:TheOnlySolitaire
Character Name(s):SAMUR, Boyd, Mime etc
Discord Name: TheOnlySolitaire (Samur/Boyd) [Private123]
How long have you played on Fulpstation?
Since mid 2019
Show us your work what is a PR/Piece of art/ Code you’ve done!
Solitaire Station,
Some promo art work here on the forum, aiming to do a number of new shuttles and ruins after, and possibly another station though probably a gimmick one like Tram.
I don’t have time to learn code, but I’m picking things up and learning github a bit in the time i do have.
I’d like to learn spriting too.


+1 solitaire

-1 made solitaire
+2 made solitaire

+1 favorite map maker
-1 no solitaire 2

I’d +1 but i hate contributors (smurf village sucks I HATE THE SMURF VILLAGE)

A honest -1 from me.
Your only true contribution has been SolitaireStation, and I wouldn’t consider an example of something done thoroughly.
You joined the Discord the 30 of June, and only sent a message two weeks later on the 15 of July where you shared a station that you had been doing in secret, with it being almost fully finished and only asking for any sort of feedback now.

Honestly, it really felt like you just walked into the discord just to share your map that you wanted to add to Fulp (and did most of it without asking for any sort of public help or feedback)
But let’s talk more about this contribution of yours: SolitaireStation.
Designed with the other Fulp maps as inspiration, it has shown to be rather distinct.
Due to where its design comes from, it feels like simply a copy of Heliostation, using wide hallways, siding decals, and feeling like the only gimmick is “its huge”. It has hallways designed to be empty yet at the same time feel really closed due to the way the decals are aligned.
Several issues have arised in the forum thread for the map but it feels as though you’ve left this work to the contributors.

I am aware of your current occupation and your current situation being the main reasons you haven’t been able to work on this map too much, but I really feel as though this shouldn’t have been merged in the first place with how incomplete it is.
SolitaireStation, although a contribution of yours, was highly rushed and now we, as a contributor team, have to fix it in your absence.

Multiple pull requests have been done in the timespan since it’s been merged, all mainly related to fixing issues that weren’t addressed before it was merged, which I find shouldn’t be the case if this map wasn’t rushed with missing key features.

#448, #453, #463, #468 and #488.

This station could have potential, but due to maintainer’s mistake it’s been rushed and is deemed as incomplete. Looking at these pull requests can tell you that the map is in a tolerable state of playtesting.
I don’t want to have assumptions of your reasoning behind creating a station without feedback or prompted to do so until it’s almost all done, but IMO it feels like you just wanted to leave a ‘mark’ on this server by making a huge map. A huge project for a first-time contribution is not going to end well, especially when you release it so early and hope people fill in the gaps.

In short, my verdict is:


You do want to contribute and that’s already a +1 from me, you’re also a Mentor (as well as a long time player, being here when enrico and I were both at our peaks) so I already know you can be trusted with it.

Solitaire in its current state isn’t really a good map and needs a lot of work, it’s just disappointing that it was merged instead of being left to be worked on properly, and added in the future, though I use mapping as an excuse to stream in art vc and talk to other people so I can’t say I see it as a negative. I honestly hoped you would make a contributor application sooner as we discuss more in-depth issues with the codebase in the contributor channels, which includes Solitairestation.

Since it was mentioned in your app, I’d like to point out again that we have a limit on 4 maps at once (which we currently hit with Pubby/Helio/Selene/Solitaire) and the other contributors are working on a fifth map, so I would strongly advise NOT to make a new map.

Overall, +1 from me, incomplete work is still work and you do want to contribute which is way better than Mentors.

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+1 for more contributors the merrier and solitaire is an ambitious first project.

-1 seems like every shift I play on solitaire theres another broken thing to be found and also I dont know anything about your personal stuff (nor should I know) , but it seems atleast by reading the discord chat that other people are doing most of the fixing at the moment.

We are going to have to deny this app for now we love seeing you want to make a map for the server but with the state SolitaireStation right now it’s not really a finished contribution and needs some work done on it still because its in a pretty unstable state once its more finished, stable, and has the admin ok of it being stable enough we’d love to see you put in another app