Sakura 2 for 1 unban appeal

Byond Account: LittleSakura
Character Name(s): Sakura Oran/SakurOSvx.x.x
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): sakura#1111
Round ID of Ban: n/a

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): discord ban / “preemptive” felinid ban
State your appeal: I’m not sure I’m even banned from the discord, as I’m pretty sure I was just kicked, but I could be wrong, and I would rather like to be able to participate. The reason I’m not on the discord is my refusal to change my profile picture from what it is now, which is not nsfw or vulgar or against the rules in any way. The reason the profile picture got me removed from the discord, is because of what my original profile picture was, which was much more… borderline. Even that one wasn’t nsfw at all, but it made some people on the staff team uncomfortable when used in combination with my CKEY, and my refusal to change it from what it is now is what led me to get kicked from the discord server. To be clear, I have no intention of changing it from what it is now, because in no way is it against the rules, and the only reason that its even questionable is because of my ckey.
So i’ve now been playing on fulp for a while, and i think ive gotten relatively well know around the server, had a lot of exposure to people, and been able to show that im not just some random shitter. Because of that, I’m going to try my hand at a compromise. Since the picture is really only bad with my CKEY, I propose making a new ckey, having everything transfered over to the new ckey, and then being allowed on the discord, and unbanned from felinid. Since playing on the server, I havent even made reference to anything even approaching borderline, and i think that banning me “just in case” at this point is a null point, especially if my ckey gets changed. I feel its unfair to keep my banned not for what i did, but for who i am, especially if who i am has no bearing on the server at all.


Making a new Ckey, pushing your notes and bans to the new one, it’s just extra work for the moderation because you don’t want to change your PFP. We have no reason to do all this extra work for you or anyone else.

You said it yourself that you had a borderline Cub PFP and when asked to change that you threw a fit.

I don’t know what PFP picture you have now and what you might change into the future, but if you still is holding your PFP above your ban and Ckey and refuses to change it if requested, I have no reason to believe this issue won’t happen again in the future.

Now on the Felinid ban, you had your issues on the server but none were related to that, so I will take this one down.

Accepted/Denied I guess.