Sakuras mentor app

Byond Account: littlesakura
Character Name(s): Sakura Oran/SakurOS
Discord Name: sakura#1111
Age: 26
Timezone: EST
Active hours: 10am-10pm ish
Are you interested in becoming a mod? maybe eventually but right now i think i need to learn more about the staff side of things before thinking about becoming a mod

How long have you played on Fulpstation? about 2 months, 400 hours

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments? I’m experienced in a lot of areas, I have a pretty good handle on most things engineering, supply and medical (except virology) and some science and some command experience. I try to get experience in a lot of things, which does sometimes lead to me not knowing everything about a role before switching to a new one, but gives me a good handle on most things needed to do a job.

What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp? I have brought up a alot of things that I’ve noticed as a player, which has caused some people to see my more abrasive side, however I am actively trying to avoid that, by bringing up issues and discussing them instead of just complaining about them. Some of these things include stuff that comes from tg, such as the ai not able to examine through cameras, which is a thing that tg does to keep from ai validhunting, which doesn’t apply on fulp since validhunting isn’t allowed anyways. I want the best experience possible for the players of fulp, because helping people and making them happy is what makes me happy, and I think mentor is the first step in helping me do that.

Additional Note: I know that I’ve butted heads with the staff before, and I’m still learning about policy and how to apply them, which I think being mentor will help a lot with. Every time I’ve butted heads with staff has almost exclusively been me trying to do something that I thought was for the good of the server, and I got frustrated, and I’m sorry for that. I’m not perfect, and I will never claim to be. I am learning and growing just like all of you, but I try my hardest to do what I think is right, not for me but the server as a whole. I’ve been actively trying to communicate that in a way that is not as abrasive and is more constructive. I know I have work to do and hope that fact doesn’t disqualify me from helping out the server I’ve grown to enjoy playing on

Your profile picture on Discord is literally a diaper cub furry abomination, and before you try to argue that it’s not some form of brain damage induced degeneracy, please realize no one here is naïve enough to believe that.

On top of this, the near-constant complaining and arguing about policy that you have little understanding of makes you incredibly unpleasant to interact with.

Honestly I would rather stick my arm in an industrial garbage disposal than accept this app. -1


You shouldn’t become a mentor to learn things that the average player is expected to know, like our policies. As for features, like AI examining, that wouldn’t be in the scope of what a downstream mentor is concerned with. I also have severe reservations about someone that is openly sexual online having a position of implicit trust in a community that is curated for the safety of minors.


With what limited eyes I have had on you as a player I would have to harshly object to this application. Not only due to the fact that despite your hours meeting the qualification, your gameplay is consistently mechanically incorrect in terms of systems knowledge, but your social aptitude in communicating with the player base both ICly and OOCLy leaves one wanting, which can be rectified with further practice and refinement of communication skills.

My primary objection lies in the fact that despite our server having a strict no sexual content policy, you have consistently objected and petitioned for your fetish to be displayed openly on our discord and in your username. Your sexual proclivity for ‘little’ and ‘cub’ fetishes being displayed openly on your discord, Ckey, forum username, and linked steam profile make it abundantly clear that you do not care for the safety minors on our server and wish to maintain a basal decorum in line with discord and Byond TOS. I do not want someone so brazenly fetishistic as you to represent our community as a mentor interacting with new (potentially underaged) members.



I know you as the most silent reporter AI on the server on multiples rounds. As much as I like any initiative about getting better, I think you are not really up to the task about becoming an example for the community, you still lack maturity and self control to push through most issue you want to discuss (as shown in the multiples shedding on discord), and you lack an understanding of some part of fulp policy. This lack of a trustworthy aura could not be such an issue if it weren’t combined with your reputation on the discord server and in game, reputation you are aware of, yes you are abarasive and a lot of our regulars don’t react in a neutral way if you’re in game. -1

I will not talk about you openly linking your fetishtic coping with your core identity even if it’s again server rules, since it will be stated by most of the staff, but I do not think less.

I’m against your application for now but encourage you to prove your worth with future behaviors.


It is clear what the problem with this application is.
The issue that arises isn’t from your experience and knowledge with in-game mechanics, but rather about your general behavior and public profile - mainly on Discord.

Several examples of this include your recent sheddings - such as, when a few days ago, you got bagchecked as a miner in maints (on blue alert) and complained on Discord while the round was still ongoing.

Your personality in Discord feels unacceptable, especially with plans to become a role model for the community.
And thus comes your public profile, which, as specified already by several staff members, comes off as a “fetish”. It doesn’t help that your steam profile is linked and shows art (marked as NSFW) of your character.
I strongly believe you’re not yet ready to be a mentor.
You still need to work on your public image, as you’ll get clear prejudice with your current one.
Furthermore, I’d say work on your stubbornness and the way you react to the game. Going on Discord to complain about “losing” as an antagonist seconds after while the round is still ongoing is not something a mentor should be doing.

I am afraid to say that your general image is already tainted, but you can still improve. I advise you don’t apply until it’s been months of self-improvement and you haven’t gotten into any conflicts with staff, whether that be in-game or in Discord.

-1 for me.


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I am not going to be responding to everyone point in these replies, since it is 2 am and I have already requested this thread be locked. But the one I see a lot is that I am overly sexual or something alone those lines. Other than my steam, which, for one I forgot even shows up on my profile, and two has things marked as nsfw but isn’t actually nsfw, at no point have I ever brought any fetish related things anywhere near fulp. I’m not sure what that has to do with this application at all. As for unacceptable behavior from someone in a leadership position, I need to point no further than heratio. Regardless, I am withdrawing my application, and may or may not reapply in the future when I have worked on things further.