SeleneStation: New map feedback request


SeleneStation Full-Quality Map

This is a new map that I have been working on for a while. It’s getting quite close to being finished, so I figured some input from the community would be worthwhile. Make sure to click the link below to view the map in full-quality. Any feedback is welcome and encouraged. I’ll also answer any questions about it so don’t be shy.

It’s still a work in progress, so if something seems blatantly unfinished, it probably is, but the vast majority of the work is done.


Liking what im seeing - I love the expansive maintenance areas, s’gonna be a nightmare and a half to patrol those as SEC and that’s a good thing.

Small complaint but is there any chance that chemistry lab could be expanded? Having to deal with small chem labs gives me and others no small amount of anxiety when we’re having to work with other people. Maybe fill in the negative space where the frames are?

My only question is, How does the perma work on this station? I like the idea of it being… well, isolated but how would one get put into perma now?

There will be a shuttle that goes from the plating room in security to the perma sat.

Sweet thats actually a really unique idea.
Another question, How come the north of the station has SO much maints but around science there is barely any?

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I like the sec set-up. Great looking front desk with room for a couch.

good map. kind of a disparity in maints in south vs. north. other than that, pretty sick. mainly science, like devin said. there are a lot of traitor objectives there, so it’s an important area.

Some comments I have about this map:

  • Fuck my life if they cut cams in my sat while I’m malf AI. They could literally come from any direction once they’re in and I only have the last bit of wall left.

  • Upload room is interesting, one turret will self destruct itself in a certain angle (one foot in the door).

  • Suit sensors maximum in the lovely large maints is a goddam must.

  • Brig temporary holding area where?

  • Where is permabrig? If I spawn as a prisoner, where do I go? Oh… OH THATS where permabrig is… Does that ship that goes there goto gulag also?

  • Escape route clear as permabrig prisoner, go straight down from metal-pressing once window is broken. Pray arrivals ship isn’t there.

  • Arrivals next to evac be like “Well time to get on the station and start work! … Well time to fuck off and leave!”

  • Even funnier that you can setup a stand at evac/departures too. Give people a gift basket on their way out. Go full space capitalism and sell vital things such as o2 tanks to the people suffocating in evac lounge.

  • Don’t make the law office doors be see-thru. It negates the significance of the iconic privacy shudders. What’s the point in them if I can’t get such privacy? Same sentiment for detective and psychologist office doors.

  • “I’ve finally convinced someone as a psychologist to take my on-hand medication and stop using the toolbox on himself and others, life is gre-… Aw goddamit, some assistant is visibly outside the door with a toolbox staring at us! And he’s been listening to our private chat the ENTIRE time?!”

  • Don’t get me wrong, kinda cool how you can see through a lot of the initial maint doors, but as I said before some office spaces would like the option of privacy.

  • Clown can’t any% pie the mine as fast as they used to with that glass wall between them, very sad…

  • I can definitely see clown be an unending pain for bartenders with this layout. Not a complaint, I just find that funny af.

This very thin barrier to bridge was a source of anxiety all shift, other maps where they only use this wall have computers which have a practical defensive use on top of simply being computers on bridge. Some kind of reinforcment or a second lockdown for just the front part of bridge would relieve a lot of that for me, personally.

Came across a few things playing Viro

  1. The Fridges are connected to space which means (I think anyway) that they can be accessed and unwrenched from Space. Not sure if that’s entirely intended or not.
  2. The med HUDs that start in viro cannot be worn. For some reason.
  3. The door that leads into Virology is labeled ‘medical maintance’, so it’s kinda hard to find Virology, if you dont know where to look from medical.
  4. The door leading out of virology are not a bolted airlock cycler like on most maps. Again, maybe intentional but I just thought I’d mention it.

Over all though I like the double layout.

chemistry was missing (and still seem to be missing) their liquid chomatography/mass spectrometer in their area the last two times the map was played

atmos seems to be missing an area for the hfr, although the maints next to the incinerator could serve about as well, it would be nice having an area for the hfr that isnt right next to vital engineering areas

i like the spaciousness of each department, plenty of room for highpop and even more room for chemistry/atmos/engineering projects

Like this map a lot, it’s very unique, would love to see it in rotation. Love the maintenance system for the most part. Has a few very minor issues I found during 2 rounds.
Invisible wall (grey tile above fridge)

Shuttle’s not aligning well with the evac doors.( Not sure if this is something you can fix, but it can block entry pretty badly, you’d often have to smash windows to get inside. )
not a big fan of the quaranteed detective baton spawn in maintenance anyone can rush, seems pretty busted to me. You can already find a ton of spears and baseball bats in maint every assistant will get their hands on already.

AI’s satellite looks incredibly hard to break into, at first glance anyways. 12 turrets seems A BIT of an overkill, hope it’s a lot weaker than it looks.

Well, as a Plasmamen enginner main:

  • -Really liked the plasmamen medbay, but the air alarms need to be configurated to be fine with plasma and bad with oxygen and stuff

  • -Really liked the extra empty spaces, especially the two commisary offices and vacant office, they are decently sized and in good spots where people ussualy pass by (Unlike in some maps where is super tiny and in the fucking shadow realm) That can be used for not only one but two and maybe THREE COMPETING SHOPS AT ONCE!! I LOVE THIS IDEA!!

  • -Liked the overall expansive maints and secret rooms. Because, again, i really like empty space to build and hide.

  • -Liked the SM room, pretty simple, the freezers are already connected to waste. But i would like just a little bit more expanding south for putting a lot of freezers maybe.

  • -Ok with the station overall layout of things. But still a little messy. (Still not used to it)

  • -REALLY Disliked the Atmospherics, wayyy to small and cramped, literaly no places to put intricate pipelines for mixing unless you do it on the Fairly small HFR room or build it all on top of the other pipes at layer 5/1. It doesnt really need to be like delta station where it is a whole god damn sandbox up north with two empty chambers and tons of space for pipes but a extra room for playing or just expanding atmos would go a long way. Also the fact that there is nothing seperating distro/waste/mixing entry/exit from the other pipes just like most maps is a bit weird but i am ok with it.

Minor things:

  • -The AI sat looks huh… instresting, seems hard to break in but has flaws. Its fine.

  • -Some minor bugs and oversights still, like there is a empty crate inside of another crate in tech storage.

Seemed like a fun map, I haven’t got my orientation on it quite yet.

One minor thing is I noticed that when someone pranked with the water vapour canister it almost covered all the communal halls and medbay. That might be something to test with plasma canisters. I’m not sure if you want to split it up with a few air locks or keep it open.

Also - about the SM freezers being connected to the waste pipe. I haven’t tested how the new freezer systems actually works yet so I’m not sure if this is a problem. However the main waste gases from the SM is typically O2 and plasma, as this is pumped into the waste of the freezers it will certainly combust in the pipes when the freezers heat it to over 100C causing a pressure issue. Like I said I’m unsure if this effects anything as I haven’t played around with the new freezers yet but if they rely on something to draw the heat away then they probably won’t work 9/10 with this configuration.

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Added a separate lockdown button for the front and back of bridge. If it becomes an issue, I may add a space barrier

1.They are not actually in space, just on the floor next to the wall and displaced onto the wall.
2. fixed, they were the borg ones
3. fixed
4. fixed

Fixed the chemistry thing, though there is an area for the HFR right next to the turbine.

Fixed the fridge. The tg maint spawners can have a bunch of things like that in them, the amount is balanced compared to other maps as well. AI sat has weak points, I’m sure people will figure out how to get it if they have to. It shouldn’t be easy.

Thank you. For atmospherics, just break the windows around the portable tanks and there is a decent space for things. Or use the HFR room if you don’t intend to make anything. Could also use the office after moving things around. There are no xray cameras at round start. Bugs are still being worked on.

No idea about the SM issues but if it starts being an issue, I can easily fix it.


Some issues with my stuff- the fucked up medbay decal (cry), and we need another light in the medbay staff room, public bathroom, and main hall above the chapel

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Please give all departments proper brig holding cells, with timers and the ability to get out and into the department’s main hall or even the proper hallways, so deputies can be more integrated, like on Delta.

I see that atmos is looking beautiful!
But maybe you can add a separate room for mixing?
Like the one in DELTA it’d be a plus if you make a HFR room too!

overall its an interesting map design
because im a filthy chef main, i find the kitchen in the corner of the bar kinda cramped for such a large bar.
would like it to be a bit more visible from the bar entrance.
also maybe one more table to serve foods, because it might get crowded with tourists, but only a 4 table length to serve up.

There is a HFR area, circled in the bottom left, just past the turbine. Not a fantastic location but there weren’t many fantastic locations as I designed the map before the HFR was added. My main idea for atmos techs was they could easily remove the directional windows in the squared area for a small space for other projects. The other pipes to the right are all layer 3 so there is room to expand to the right with other layers. I’m no atmos expert but this seems like enough area to me for most projects, plus the HFR room is quite large, so it could be used for custom projects if the HFR is not built.

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