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Byond Account:YungKiez
Character Name(s):Rocco tembel bembel
Discord Name (ie:Bumbel#0739):
Round ID of Ban:23208

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
State your appeal:I got banned cause i spelled a word wrong xd That happend cause im from germany and my english is not the best. We already solved the problem with the admin but he said i have to write an appeal so i can get unbanned. Edit : Now i got permabanned cause a support of you said i used metacomms who isnt right and he said i random killed . I killed the clown by a mistake the admin watched the clip and he saw we instantly stopped attacking the guy. I did nothing wrong and now i wanna get unbanned. Thank you . I didnt talked with my mate i didnt grief and i spill the word wrongly. So talk with me and you will see my english is not the best . Insane how you get punished for being bad at english

Accidentally hit the clown 24 times accidentally tried to welder bomb accidentally kept attacking randos in the hall. All because my english is lacking :(

Forgot to add this isnt even all the logs i just stopped going through them since this is so clearly you griefing.

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I was going to unlist this but i think its way funnier if the community gets to see it