Space station 13 References

So I’ve looked around a bit when the server is down and such and I can’t really find anything that really fills this but I think this would be fun. I wanna try to name every (or most) references made in space station. This is probably gonna be a long list and I know some people have knowledge others don’t do this is why I’m doing it here. If this has been done before I’m sorry I’m stupid.

Anyways I’ll start the list with some obvious things and some not obvious things:

Xenomorphs - From the Alien franchise
Gateway - From the Stargate Franchise
Changings - From the film The thing
Blob - From the film The blob
Pan Galactic gargle Blaster - From Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy
Guardian Spirits (From Dusty shard) - From Jojo

My knowledge is limited so I probably missed some obvious things. The drinks page list most references so I’m kinda skipping those. I don’t know the other references made in the game. So I guess let’s have some fun.

If you think something is wrong i don’t mind some debate just remember to provide proof like for Gateway the quote on the wiki is “ Warning! Unscheduled off-world activation!” A classic thing said in the Show Stargate SG-1 when the Stargate is activated. Or the dusty shard guardian spirit is the classic “ORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORA!!”

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If you use a teleporter while it isn’t optimized, you have the chance to be turned into a fly person with the message “you hear a buzzing in your ears”. This is a reference to the 1986 movie “The Fly”, by David Cronenberg, in which a scientist invents a teleporter and accidentally uses it while a house fly is in the pod with him, the flies cells gradually taking over his own.


a pretty fuckin obvious reference is the naming scheme of lizard people when you randomise your name taking from the Skyrim franchise. (im fairly certain)


Eswords - Star Wars
Gloves of the north star - Fist Of The North Star
Romerol - George Romero
Reverse bear trap - Saw
Crab 17 - Bogdanoff twins
Meat hook - Mortal Kombat (item description)
Viscerators - Half Life
Time stop - JoJo
Hierophant - Hyperlight Drifer
Blood drunk miner - Bloodborne
Bubblegum - Doom
Stun baton - Half Life
Disposable turret - TF2
Profane scholar - Bloodborne
Stone sentinel - Dark souls
Felinids - Dog shit on the sidewalk
Default AI names like AM and Hal 9000
Ninja used to have anime quotes
Heretics are heavily drawn from cultist simulator


In the TGstation wiki guide to chemistry, the wiki mentions a craftable chemical called “meth”. This is most likely a reference to breaking bad, in which a man named Walter White makes meth.


The first Lawyer to join gets blue clothing like Phoenix Wright and the second, and any other if job slot is higher, will get purple ones to be Edgeworth.


also the attorney badge gives you cool speech bubbles when you have runechat off, and when you slam your fist on a table it makes you yell “Objection!!”

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I am fuming

The “Hurt me more” quotes are from Metal Gear Solid’s Cyborg Ninja fight.


  • Bloodsuckers is mostly Vampire The Masquerade references.
  • Plasma cutters and the hardsuit that makes you slow from charlie forgot the name are from Dead Space
  • I think the monkeys in xenobio and viro are references to System Shock 1 where they’re encountered in all of MedSci
  • Lizardpeople are inspired by the real life lizard animal species.

The engineering hard/space suits in ss13 are the space engineering suits from Dead Space, strikingly similar to what Isaac the main protagonist wears.

The plasma cutter for miners is also a common weapon seen in the Dead Space franchinse.


Ones I can think of of the top of my head that haven’t been mentioned are the Thin Mint referencing Monty Python and the Swedish language just being the Swedish Chef from The Muppets. I also think the Strange Reagent is a reference to HP Lovecraft

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Isn’t there a traitor item which allows you to shoot lighting from your hands while yelling palpatine quotes?

there used to be but it was fulp only and dosent exist anymore

Holy shit it totally is! I never would have caught that. Herbert West–Reanimator - Wikipedia

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Silicon law hierarchy created by Issac asimov.

Asimov Lawset - By asimov

Paladin lawset - dnd

Desword - Darth Maul

Ed-209 - Robocop

The jester (Clown mask) - the joker baby

CMO lab coat and a lot of chemicals - Star trek

Hulk - hulk

The Ripley mech is obviously also from the Alien franchise

Base building thing is a Protoss worker from Starcraft

not done yet but the soapstones that curators spawn with are the darksouls soapstone

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Surgery was inspired by real life surgery

No that’s a reference to popular internet website Https://Reddit.Com

Syringe gun is also from TF2 I think
And Revival surgery is probably from Frankenstein’s monster