Valid hunting power gamers

  • Byond Account: Moifern
  • Character Name(s): Emily Callison
  • Discord Name: Moifern
  • Round ID:9107
  • Griefer Byond account: Don’t know
  • Griefer Byond name: Koloth Osek, Ian Milne, Xinyi Zhao
  • What happened:

Spawn as a traitor assistant, get an engineering job change, look for insuls for a while, find some in tech storage, go SSD because I had to take a shit, go emag a borg in an abandoned bar. Get Disabler spammed in public by Ian, taken to the brig and searched without any evidence other than “Being suspicious” and was pinned a traitor after emag was found after I had, to their knowledge, committed 0 crimes. Koloth Osek apparently called for me to be set on arrest because I was “acting suspiciously.” CE’s job isn’t to valid hunt, nor was I being suspicious the entire round. I found gloves and took a shit, the emagging part took 5 minutes to bait on over there and finish up. I had even said I would work on the abandoned bar. I was never caught by anyone, no one had any evidence on me.

This was Koloth (as a ling mind you) once again valid hunting as a head whose job is not to look for traitors. The warden and officer should not have 1. attempted to robust me (I didnt even run away from him, just dodged the disabler asking why I’m being attacked. 2. shouldn’t have searched my bags with no evidence of me as a traitor or having any confirmed crimes committed. (According to their knowledge) nothing I did violated space law, therefore I should not have been under arrest to begin with. I did not hack, break in, trespass, attack, steal, or do anything that would make me someone worth arresting.

Haven’t been a traitor in forever, and I wanted to take things slow and quiet, and I get fucking shit on because of speculation and metagaming.

Hi Emily. I was Koloth. I accused you of acting suspiciously to distract attention. I had no interest in whether you were an antagonist, except you were not a Changeling and I was. I was doing tonnes of shady things as Chief Engineer and I was blaming whoever came to hand. I think you are a good Engineer / Chief Engineer but will still kill you if it serves my goals when I am antagonist.

Having said that, you were acting shady. I vaguely recall you were appointed from an Assistant and regardless you kept sending messages asking for cyborgs to join you in some abandoned area so I thought you would be something for security to look at and not at my work on subverting the AI to help me murder my target. However, if I had been a non-antagonist Chief Engineer I would probably have questioned you hard and / or had security look at you. I would have wanted to know what your project in the abandoned area was and why it had not been discussed with me.

I’m not mad about you being suspicious of me, I get that. I’ve had plenty of engineers (like Eva for example who does the same thing whenever she’s antag) who either get transferred to engineering for antag goals, or just disappear. I know they’re most likely antag, but I have no proof. I can be suspicious both IC and OOC, and I’ll even express it IC.

What I was mad about at the time (I’m over it now) was that after my death, I had people tell me that you told sec to put me on arrest due to suspicions. That was upsetting, but what really pissed me off is that the entire sec department actually arrested me due to “suspicion.” Space law has a list of crimes, suspicious activity isn’t a crime. If you don’t have evidence, you get a detective to check things out. If he has nothing, you wait and follow and pray they fuck up somehow.

Sec valid hunted me the hardest that round, and while I was mad that you (from what I was told by ghosts, correct me if I’m wrong) told sec to put me on arrest, I was even more pissed that sec just decided to ignore the way things SHOULD work, and arrested me without any evidence of crimes done. I was trying to play extremely under the radar, very clean and without evidence. If sec had stopped me, asked me questions and asked to check bags, I wouldn’t have been upset at all because blue alert allows sec to stop and search.

If I’m wrong about suspicion and space law and how I think things should work, I hope an admin or mentor corrects me.

I probably said your name the most in my grief patrol because I know your name by memory whereas I don’t know theirs, so I apologize if I was singling you out, especially because the bulk of my complaints were with sec. I just don’t know their names so when I wrote it my mind defaulted to the name I did know. That was shitty of me.

Noted. Again, I was an antagonist, trying to cast suspicion. As Chief Engineer, I cannot directly set someone for arrest. If Security are dumb enough to arrest someone for being, ‘suspicious’ that is all to the good from my Changeling Chief Engineer’s point of view.

I wasn’t playing this round but sec should be allowed to search people if they consider them suspicious. At least i’ve never seen anyone tell me in game that it isn’t allowed and i have played sec for a while.

Calling borgs to abandoned area, getting job transfer and then you find people accusing you of acting suspiciously. Any sec officer would act on this.

To be fair you can’t blame sec officer for using disabler without asking you to stop, if it was lethals it would cross the line but there has to be some leeway for sec to work, most antags or even non antags will run from sec as it will make their round more interesting if they are set to arrest or they just want chaos. If someone is really suspicious, usually they get detained and searched and while sec officer is doing that he should be communicating with his department and ai, to see if they have any information on you.

5 out of 10 veteran players will be rude to sec, ignore anything said by sec, won’t allow to be searched or just straight run. If the sec officers act up on it and try to arrest, they might attempt to robust sec and steal their batons/disablers. All this will happen when they aren’t antags, and i think i am being generous saying it is only 5 out of 10 people. With them acting like this sec can’t really do their job properly if they aren’t even allowed to shoot first(with disabler mind you) and ask questions later when they have detained you.

No one on the server is roleplaying enough for sec to follow space law to the letter. Also most players don’t even know space law when they play sec. Most of the time players that get arrested are put in the brig for short period of time when it should be much longer.

I’d agree with you there being a big issue of valid hunters on the server but in this case as a ling he wasn’t in the wrong.

Seems sec now couldn’t stop being literal hunters, not even this round. Suspicions aren’t a reason to arrest, we all can agree on that. A suspicion means stop, bag search, full search if you’re that paranoic, then act beyond what you found. Also there’s literally no reason to disabler or stun someone that was standing still.

Of course, being sec means you gotta train your reaction time, if they ask why they’re being detained, tell them the reason. If they react aggressively, then react quick. That’s why sec has a lot of effective stunning weapons. And you can always ask for backup.

Taken care of.