Why is fulp getting shit on reddit?

Everybody knows that on the ss13 subreddit, fulp gets shit tossed at it to shitmins? Is it really true? Because it feels like people are leaving out details in their bans for epic reddit karma, now its the punching bag to get those sweet sweet internet points

Reddit is where people go when they get mad. It’s not that everyone hates fulp as much as I think the angriest voices tend to be the loudest… And the fulp moderators actually moderate, and that tends to make people mad when they can’t come on the server and say a bunch of homophobic or racist stuff, or murderbone/grief without repercussions.

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It’s all true. I am the ultimate shimin.


GoT BaNNed fOR SayING N WorD And BlOWing uP SM it WAS just ACCIdent thiS IS admEme coNSpirACy :angry:

Who are the admins REALLY? Humanoid ponies bent on spreading “friendship”??? Sentient Potatoes with a lust for pixel based authoritarian power?!?! The people demand answers!