Why is fulp getting shit on reddit?

let me make myself clear


where did jim go has anyone seen them?


It’s good to be transparent

funny thread guys

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Thank you headcoder Windar-cleaner!


A whole lot of things honestly. I think the central detail is it’s status as one of the top stations on the list. Many players are new and so there are often a lower caliber of player on the server, so the admins tend to be far more authoritative because they simply have to deal with more.

Another massive thing is just the fact that they already have a poor reputation. It means admins feel free to treat anyone banned from the server with negative amounts of respect because they know it can’t get any worse, and that anyone looking at their actions will be doing so in the worst faith. It’s a vicious cycle that seems extremely difficult to break out of.

Also 6 months as the ban appeal time length is comical. Something like a month or so would be far better.

Speaking of ban appeals, you can directly see (not as well mind you because it’s not color-coded) the ratio of appeals/denials compared to other servers. Yogstation, beestation, most other servers are a good bit above 50% approved, while fulpstation is a sea of denial (or well, more aptly, a river >:3) with a bare few islands of approved appeals. Whether this speaks more to unforgiving admins or crap players I can’t really say, but the overall fact is that far fewer people get their bans revoked than on most other servers.

Also, the server seems to have the rules of a roleplay server without any of the actual roleplay atmosphere. Like a lot of things are built around you not knowing certain things, or not doing certain things that would be unrealistic of an actual person, but there’s no real actual roleplay environment in exchange for it. Paradise station does the whole MRP a lot more clearly, and provides an actual mix of the two extremes.

And I mean ultimately? People get mad, admins are admins sometimes. Stuff happens, and when people know X server is a server people think is bad they don’t really consider that they’re in the wrong. Nobody on other servers is going to be suspicious of someone banned from fulp station after all, the admins are all terrible and evil! (and I mean like, responding to a thread of why people might not like your server with a clear stance that there is no possible explanation for negative feedback doesn’t really help.)

TLDR? Lot of new players means bad players, there’s a cycle of low reputation, and restrictive rules without real roleplay.

I mean if you do something bad enough to get permabanned you should at least wait a while before playing again

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with all due respect u dont have much of a voice given your bio

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I mean… yes and no. I haven’t played for a while, but I think someone who wasn’t banned from the ss13 server itself, and had over a hundred hours, but left after conflict with the admins is probably the ideal individual to give a reasonable depiction of the problems.

What, you think the people in charge of running the server are going to give you a good explanation of the problems with it? That’s like expecting an oil CEO to give you an accurate depiction of climate change.

True enough! And there are always situations where it makes sense for a long wait before another appeal is allowed. But it still speaks to the real or perceived lack of forgiveness on behalf of the fulpstation mods compared to more forgiving servers.
Especially in cases where multiple small things are added together into a permaban it can make the punishments seem quite frankly draconian.

Reasons I see permaban appeals get denied:

  1. Gotten banned on other servers in the meantime. If you aren’t following the rules on other servers, there’s no reason to expect you have learned anything and will follow the rules here

  2. Unapologetic or low effort post. You’d be surprised how far a “My bad I’m sorry I shouldn’t have done that and would like another chance” goes here, but people often use ban appeals as a way to argue that what they did wasn’t that bad etc instead of just acknowledging it.

  3. Ban reason was too egregious. Racism and gross sexual content is not welcome here. It tells you that in bold text as soon as you join the server, and they are not welcome here.

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  1. I personally do not vibe with the player
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biased mod :open_mouth:

you didn’t say Sir

"My brother in christ, your ckey is Arnold Glitler.

This is denied."

this is exactly the sort of arbitrary, grudge-based banning we’ve all come to expect from Fulp admins, just because you have something personal against Hitler, smh


im srry but like half the people in this thread need to see this


I’m an admin because I like being able to ban people based on not vibing with them… and reading deleted comments