Ban Appeal please read and cooperate with me

Byond Account:V3rBss
Character Name(s): I dont know rn
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):STARDUST

Round ID of Ban:idk
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):‘‘trying to evade the ban’’
State your appeal: Hello

I woke up and i was trying to play space station 13 . I started playing and some admin writed me ‘‘yo why you evade an ban’’ And i dont know whats going on . I asked him wich account got banned . He said Yungkiez . I said thats my brother and i will ask him (because i didnt even know what happend). The admin was like ‘‘yeah sure nice joke a lot of people do that’’ and banned me . I believe that there are a lot of people who do that . But im not lying . If you want a proof , i could send you. I asked him what he did he said ‘‘i dont even remember . I just tried this game and it sucks’’. And now im getting punished for that. Im sorry for everything he did please let me play on the server again. I locked my pc and everything on that pc. He cant join again or do some shit .

In case “your brother” needs a refresher:

so even if you dont believe me that it was my brother i still kinda get the reasoning for his ban. Hes not really that good in school and just wanted to play some space station. he doesnt know that “vomiting” means what it means and thought its called voring or something. we’re both from germany and we don’t say that to have an excuse cuz theres some random word that sounds simillar but rather because we just dont have the vocabulary of a native speaker and dont know every word in the book and if you want us to google everytime before we talk our rp wouldnt be really cool
and i somehow got a feeling that this could be the reasoning for him using metacomms. because he has his problems with the language and needs some assistence .i mean yea i get the reasoning and if you really think i’m a threat to the server i’d get that but i’d really enjoy playing on your server again because i memorized it as one of the best servers on ss13 tbh

He should spend more time studying and less on spaceman then. Think of this as an opportunity to apply yourself a bit more.

so i’m gonna be banned for more my entire life now? i wont have any chance of ever playing on this server again because he didnt manage to do his homework. well i will have a little chat with him abt that.

well he will defo know what voring means after our convo xddddddd

Mfw man seinen “Bruder” über solchen Kram im echten Leben aufklären muss


Ich bin ja sein Bruder und nicht sein Vater xd

Aber auf ernst ich versteh warum er gebannt wurde und wenn ich dafür ‘‘zahlen’’ muss ist das so xd

ob du permabanned bleibst oder nicht entscheiden die Admins später, ich hab nur für die lols geantwortet um ehrlich zu sein

ah okay . Aber echt ein krasses gefühl nen deutschen in SpaceStation zu ‘‘begegnen’’

Is this Appeal got declined or agreed? xd or still pending?

Someone there? xd

Is this appeal still active???

You were permabanned from bee the day after the appeal for RDM, are you sure you really locked your brother out of your computer?

Yesss. On bee there is a missunderstanding with an roleplay situation. I was playing a role that i maybe quiet missunderstood . But they are on it already and it seems like its going my way ^^

If you wanted to try to fool us maybe you should have written in a different way than your “brother”. I can count on my fingers the number of people who put spaces on both sides of their periods. Maybe you and your brother both need extra classes. Throw in some etiquette lessons while you’re at it.

Request denied.