Ekaterina von Russland Head of security griefing

Byond Account: MadKunt

Character Name(s): Cant remember that either since it was a random name

Discord Name: none

Round ID: Cant remember but it was the one before 10440 if that helps

Griefer Byond account: Ekaterina von Russland

Griefer Byond name: Ekaterina von Russland

What happened: Head of security started a unprovoked riot against me as the captain and other heads without a real cause and didn’t seem to believe that I was not a ling despite checking with the genetic seguencers. Killed multiple people and was a real shitcurity all of the round.

Everything in this post is either blatantly false, badly distorted or taken out of context.

The user known as “MadKunt”, at the time playing as “Larry Lord”, is a self-antagger and attempted griefer, though he is not entirely at fault, only partially, as he believed, at the time, that a changeling could not disguise himself as the captain (this will become relevant later), and as such my reasoning did not seem, to him, to make sense. He may also be metagrudging.
This user spent a significant part of the round trying to smear the HoS, myself, saying such things as that I was mistreating prisoners, a blatantly false statement as two of the prisoners can attest to - they were, in fact, not mistreated, and they were paroled for good behaviour. I cannot determine why he did this, and suspect metagrudging.
At one point, this user walked into the brig and tried to sneakily drag me off, possibly thinking I wasn’t paying attention. I was, and I spoke, at which point he told me to go with him, alone, into a private room (the last time this happened to me, it was a traitor trying to assassinate me (as I found out in the end round pop-up)). This naturally seemed suspicious to me, especially in combination with the fact that I had been advised earlier (which at the end round I discovered was false) that there were changelings. This seemed to be true, as there was a suspicious amount of monkeys. Unbeknownst to this user, changelings can disguise themselves as the captain and use mindshields, as I found out the hard way in the past. Due to this suspicious behaviour, I said that I suspect the “captain” of being a changeling in disguise. He then proceeded to further these suspicions by trying (and failing) to assault me and/or to get others to assault me, and smearing me further in common communications.
It’s worth noting that there were no admins or moderators online at this time, which made my plan of using a communications console to ask centcomm for permission to arrest and demote the captain impossible (I even asked mentors if there was a way to get centcomm permission with no admins online). In the absence of any centcomm, I asked the other heads but they did not reply either.
Later in the round, comms went down. The AI called out via announcement that the “captain” (at this time a suspected ling) was trying to subvert the AI. Naturally, we assumed the worst. I told security to respond (specifically with me - anyone who went separately was not following my orders), and when comms went back up recalled all security, especially those who were not with me, telling them not to kill the captain, but to arrest him so that we can investigate. It was announced that the captain was dead. I do not know who or what killed him, but it was most definitely not me - I was still at the brig and/or detective’s office, embarrassing as it may be that our response was not swift. I ordered that the body be brought to the brig so that we could investigate, but, at that point, the escape shuttle had arrived and we had no time.
I discovered only after the end of the round that the captain was not a changeling, which makes it all the more strange how he acted so suspiciously and in such a hostile manner towards me, which leads me to suspect that he is metagrudging.

His statement that I killed multiple people is blatantly false - the only thing I killed was a monkey, non-sentient to my knowledge, who was attacking a prisoner in permabrig. I ordered only one execution (I’ve been told by mentors that in the absence of a captain and acting captain, the duty of executions falls to the HoS), of a mime who was caught assaulting a head, killing another, and trying to kill my warden as well.

I move that this report be summarily disregarded, and that punishment for MadKunt be considered at the administrators’ discretion.

Further, I submit a report of my own:

Byond Account: Ekaterina von Russland

Character Name(s): Larry Lord

Discord Name: none

Round ID: same round as above

Griefer Byond account: Mad kunt

Griefer Byond name: Mad kunt

What happened: described above; TL;DR: self-antagging captain, possible metagrudging.

Admins have logs you see it doesn’t matter what you lie in here, also chain of command goes as follows captain-hop-hos as the hop was still alive execution you ordered was not justified. Seeing that you’re an new player, you should make your own griefer post instead of making a text wall on mine.

It doesn’t matter what lies you put in here. I simply explained the situation, which they can verify with the logs. Logs don’t show everything, like relative positions (e.g. to my knowledge, running away does not show up in the logs because no action is performed)

Do go on demonstrating your lack of knowledge of the server rules and space law, though. Server rules (here: https://wiki.fulp.gg/en/ServerRules) clearly state “2) In the absence of a captain, the Head of Personnel or Head of Security must serve as acting captain or split the duties of the captain between themselves. In the absence of a captain, HoP, and HoS, the other command staff have equal standing in determining the acting captain.”
The HoP is neither above the HoS in the chain of command nor does he necessarily get to become acting captain.
Regardless of that, this is not the object of your report full of lies and it would therefore be irrelevant even if it was unjustified, which it wasn’t.

It’s really great of you to show the (un)trustworthiness of your interpretation of the rules like this.

I’ll be sure to take your advice and make my own post, though.

I would fall with the captain in this discussions for the same reasons I stated in the other grief patrol.

The HoS was obviously powertripping, seeming that the security forces (me not included since I ghosted/resigned after seeing the chaos all the heads caused, mainly for this issue) were acting in a very brutal way, adding that no officer responded to my several calls regarding traitors and a morph, which the HoS decides to realise after they eat the armory. I even released a traitor infront of you and the warden, yet ignoring it. Why did I do this? Because “you were all too bosy to process him” since a detective cannot even set up timers nor jail people. Well, a traitor was camping around, I knew what he was going to do, what he was iwlling to do, what his gear was, etc etc. However, you didn’t give a shit, you were BLINDLY targeting the captain for suspicions you didn’t even confirm, so I sticked with him and let him do the deed. Afterwards, I got fed up with the ENTIRETY of the sec team since, apparently, one officer finally decides to assist us, just to annoy my interrogation (which was useless due to the lack of patience I had). So I resigned, went to my office and ghosted. Later on, I see the captain die, while an officer drags the body, destination unknown. I see the captain blame on the HoS while I keep hearin announcements that the CMO gets also attacked by the HoS, as well as other heads.

TL;DR: You completely ignored any traitor activity to focus on the “changeling” captain, whilst I confirmed that no lings were aboard, and myself knowing AND informing activity of not only one traitor, but two, you still focused on him. Yet a lot of people were complaining about you in deadchat, you still think what you did was alright.

I was doing no such thing. The fact that you have to lie to protect your friend really says something about your (plural “your”) position.

If you have to say “destination unknown” then you are clearly speaking based on partial information, since it was clearly called out on the security channel where the body was being taken. The CMO was not “attacked”, he was lawfully arrested, and later lawfully released. This does not lend credibility to your claims.

Your confirmation of changeling presence is irrelevant and unneeded, you do not know everything and therefore you cannot prove a negative. Further, I had been told by others, including a head if I recall correctly, that there were changelings.

I noticed and remember only two people salty in dead chat and/or OOC. The captain was one and you were the other. It’s awfully dishonest of you to try to claim that there was a large amount (“a lot”).

The fact that all but one traitor redtexted proves that we weren’t nearly as dismissive or inattentive as you claim we were.

Apparently I can’t post another reply, and the message told me to edit another reply, so I’ll reply to your reply here.
(The following is a reply to the reply made AFTER this comment)

I noticed some of what was going on through the round. Obviously I’m not omniscient, especially with comms down. I did not “ignore” your help requests, I didn’t see them, which is different. I’m accusing you of lying because that’s exactly what you’re doing. If you’re not lying, then you’re unintentionally stating false information.

Your second paragraph is quite possibly the dumbest thing I’ve read this month. I didn’t bring it to a command war, the self-antagging captain did.

I did not kill anyone “for suspecting he’s a ling”, nor did I claim I had done that, but great manipulation attempt pretending you’re replying to something I said. I did not attack the captain, and he self-antagged. Ling or not ling, he acted like an antag (details above).

You weren’t involved in it by your own personal choice. YOU resigned via radio, I didn’t demote you or anything of the sort. The fact that you keep claiming there’s even a possibility the captain died to me shows that you are either an idiot (which I don’t believe is the case) or you are lying (which I believe is the case). I was in the detective’s office getting a portable device to find the captain. Further, I ordered that the captain NOT be killed, so, if an officer kiled him, it was against my orders. I did take action to see if he was a ling, by trying to determine if he was in revive stasis. The body was taken to security for this purpose.

Of course I was telling the new arrivals that he’s a changeling, lest they believe his malicious lies against me or fall prey to his schemes. It would be negligent not to. HoP involved himself in the issue, and CMO was not involved, contrary to your most recent lie.

Your claims coincide neither with my point of view at the time, my point of view now nor the facts.

Did you even notice what was going through the round? You literally ignored every single help request i was spoitting out in the radio, and now you even dare to accuse me of lying and trying to defend him?

Man, I’ve seen stupid people around, but this is pretty much bad enough to consider it. You literally ignored your whole environment only to focus on a simple suspicion YOU had, and YOU brought it to a command war.

Also, for your information, you cannot kill a person for “suspecting he’s a ling”. You MUST confirm he is in fact a ling through ling-only actions, such as reviving, fast healing or other actions. As it’s usually said
: "People is innocent until proven guilty". Therefore you attacked the captain without evidence, and as such makes you the actual person who did wrong, regardless whether other people said (and “supposedly confirmed”) there were lings.

Adding aswell, the fact that one traitor redtexts doesn’t mean security was either attentive or not dismissive. A traitor can fail by himself for lack of planification, or lack of resources. As far as I recall, only a few officers (including me, a detective) were doing our jobs, while the rest were at sec doing nothing or just helping you with your pointless war. Only one officer assisted me in a check of a traitor roboticist, which (i repeat), I freed upon the eyes of most sec officers. Everyone still ignored it, so that definitely shows inattention (not going to even mention that a warden around was literally ignoring anything I was doing, let alone the freedom of a traitor).

Now, let’s go over what you did or didn’t do. Seeing the chaos around the station, and my witness over the dead body, it clearly seems the captain died to either your or any other officer’s hands. You, of course, took no actions to confirm whether he is a ling or not. Not appropiate from a HoS to even start a war for this stuff. I said destination unknown because I was busy overlooking at this situation which got me really angry despite I’m not directly involved in it, so when the captain started speaking over deadchat, I ingnored where the body went into (I suppose it went to execution since it was being dragged into the execution chamber).

Not even going to say that, after many attempts to warn you (and security) that there was a morph around, you noticed it when they ate the armory, despite calling for help a lot of times in science that there was a double of the RD (a head of department). So you even ignored a call of a “possible threat to a head of department”, only because of said issues i won’t mention anymore (if you didn’t know, morphs have a big melee attack and are pretty resistant to harmbatons, so i don’t imagine what could happen to the RD if I weren’t there watching).

Therefore, your claims still do not coincide with my point of view, I literally saw your chattering in the security radio constantly claiming the captain is a changeling (you even involved the HoP and CMO into this issue!). Ergo: You defied all the command team because “captain is ling, he grief”, ignoring any kind of stuff other officers would require.

This has been dealt with, thank you for your report! Also, just to clear things up: Ekaterina was the first to accuse the captain of being a changeling, no other mention of that was made in the round prior to that. Let it be a lesson for everybody, don’t go around accusing people of something without SOLID proof, especially if it’s the Captain.