FulpStation Station Feedback

backwards gateway, you cant enter it

more weird wiring (this time in a maints coffin room)

idk if solars should be this far out

even more weird wiring, also grav gen room has no floor tiles and the walls aren’t fully reinforced

smes room should be part of engineering, not engineering SM. this made the engineering console track the sm grid instead of the station grid, necessitating it being moved

no door to the crematorium

chapel launcher is backwards

a lot of these maint rooms have a wire nub going into them for some reason

really weird wallwires at security locker room

teleporter room lacks wire connection

the tube exit needs space on the side, else you cannot escape

(not pictured) station generally lacks meteor/space dust protection

maintenance next to holodeck has this weird cutoff

some missing spots in this lattice

floating catwalks to the right of xenobio

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chapel mass driver is missing glass around it, and also the button to use it

maybe the table here should be moved down to that 1x3 space

these ports are backward

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you cant get back into the pipe, also not enough distance to unbolt the door with command remote

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incinerator waste pipe is misaligned

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no waste release vent at atmos

maybe put a window here where the hallway ends

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Starboard quarter solars has multiple stacks of cable coils (30 each)

cable coils

Incomplete waste pipe at atmos


need lights in medbay storage

no roundstart defib mounts

no roller beds

needs boxes of syringes, masks, glasses

exam room apc not wired

a few observations from me if i may chime in.
this is the chaplain coffin shooter and it has no window and windoor so is subject to being spaced easily

same deal, no windows or windoor+bonus missing reinforced wall and misaligned trajectory path

another ejector another missing window+door, bonus points for wrong facing recycler

this is the xenobiology door and does not cycle properly needing to be tided to escape

Grav Gen isn’t entirely walled with reinforced which can work in a shitters favor since it can be broke into and sabotaged with minimal investment and great impact.
also heavily subjectable to random mice attacks.

APC being on the left side instead of the inner right means that blood suckers tiding in for blood pouches are going to cut power to a part of medbay by breaking the wall that has the least path resistance, also allows for someone to sabotage med while stealing anesthetic which could be more griefy than intended.

visitation to prisoner transfer room has no window which could be a huge ambush point for dealing with escaping permas, also being solid walls makes it harder for them to break out (antag or not) when needed i’d put reinforced shock windows here and some near the prisoner suit lockers to allow seccies a chance at spotting a potential ambush which will discourage non-wardens even attempting to check up on perma since they aren’t going to feel safe in their own territory

a large part of perma external walls arent reinforced which means they are heavily subjectable to dust breaches

other notes:
lack of a clothesmate vendor in dorms, needs more ciggy, snack and hot drink machines around the station, teleporter needs a window so its less of an ambush point and a camera or 2 in random locations (2 in maints 1 in dorms is the usual norm for obsessions)

Public bathroom is missing a floor underneath the door so it spawns roundstart exposed to space

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-sec post at evac has no windoor on the table, the door is set to all access, and there is a weird floating camera
-the northern maints door beside delivery room (cargo) cannot be accessed from the outside even with maints access
-maints lacks in crates, moisture traps, space heaters, pacmans, and racks with items
-anyone can enter sm room from maints with maints access, same for crystallizer room

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-Permabrig hydroponics crate is empty
-No hidden goodies in trash, hydroponics crate. Needs your typical stuff like radio, knives, etc
-No refrigerators with food in permabrig kitchen, No range, no produce order console, yet there is a restaurant seater
-No premade food in permabrig kitchen at all, not even nutrient slop
-No book cases or library computer
-Needs Orion Trail

EDIT: Also needs sink in the kitchen as well

  • Teleporter Room APC. has no scrubber but has scrubber pipe.

  • image pharama signed named virology at virology doors. The pod doors lights are point up i think they supposed to point in idk.

-image Cursed armory wall.

  • image wall wires by Security office.

  • Please add more windows to evac so we can see if the shuttle has arrived

  • a lot of doors are not labeled / mislabeled


  • Wiring in AI Sat is missing a few wires underneath a double-doorway, meaning AI won’t charge
  • No Mech Recharging Station in Engineering (For Modsuits)
  • No Mech Recharging Station in Public Bathroom (For Cyborgs and Modsuits)
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funny doors infront of engi
qms cloak in dorms but its labeled brown cloak
another funny door in dorms
funny door in front of law? office i believe
This door of chapel is all access, and the maints to the left of it when you enter is also all access
missing pipes
pipes leading to nothingg

missing scrubber
so the trash chute is right under arrivals and it puts you into a loop right here
missing pipes in cargo (where the mechs at)
the uhhh thing for disposals doesnt shoot the stuff at the front and doesnt move any of the trash even with the thing on
this medical disposal also doesnt work
lots of disposals problems will find more!!

disposal in chapel doesnt work, you go in but it turns you back around and flings you out of the same chute

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