Permabanned from the OOC without warning over a conversation about MRP

  • Byond Account: Purotozilla
  • Character Name(s): Birthday Boy
  • Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Purotozilla
  • Round ID of Ban: 10424
  • Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
  • State your appeal:

I have screenshots of exactly what I said in the OOC and will provide them if necessary. The round before this went to shit at the end, so during the OOC before the next round started Manray brought up how the last round ended up so chaotic it was basically low RP and was similar to a round on TG station. In a very playful manner I expressed my opinion that Fulp has always been LRP despite the definition you guys put in place as MRP. I even agreed with Manray and admitted it was different. I was mostly saying that to be contrarian because it makes for fun conversation.

I forgot about it and was done with the conversation until I saw that I was muted from the OOC. I wasn’t told why. So, I ahelped to asked what was up. Since I barely participated in the conversation. Horatio22 responded to me “You consistently complain about fulp not being MRP, and im sick of hearing it. If it keeps up, I’m just gonna OOC ban you.” and closed the ticket immediately. So, I could not reply. Thinking this was a mistake, I just opened up another ticket and told Horatio to calm the fuck down because they were overreacting to the extreme. Keep in mind, I haven’t talked given my opinion about fulp’s roleplay in MONTHS and when I did I barely talked about it. I found out after the round that Horatio banned me from the OOC permanently for admin harassment simply because I was trying to respond to their closed tickets by ahelping.

This whole situation has been extremely stressful and I feel bullied by Horatio. I tried doing the right thing. I tried ahelping to figure out what was wrong because they wouldn’t tell me and they kept closing tickets and wouldn’t let me say anything. Even when I apologize to them, they just keep trying to fight with me. I am happy to provide further screenshots, but I feel like this ban is silly.

Gotta say Horatio, this was definitely cringe. Fulpstation? More like 1984station, like god damn! Cant even joke or have an opinion anymore. But for real though you have to be a shit admin/person for muting people for making criticisms of the server. Anyways, God bless, Inshallah, etc etc. :flushed:

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This you? (image is a couple weeks old)

I was the captain that round when the AI instructed me to move away from them, as I was carrying their locked frame to robotics. They started the round by bolting all my doors in my office, the HoS’ office, and probably someone else in while AI was busy doing their roundstart which led me to believe it was malf, it wasn’t. Then proceeded to be a complete ockick shitter in comms up until the screenshot where they went boom. Pretty bad faith player imo.

This appeal has been partially accepted. We have decided to reduce the perma OOC ban to a week instead. The real issue with this situation was the admin interaction, rather than what you said in OOC directly. Please keep that in mind for the future, or this may be put back at a perma OOC ban.