Round ID: 23279 - Space Racism Incident

Byond Account: Gongus
Character Name(s): Caiden Dugmore
Discord Name: Gasparr#4111
Round ID: 23279
Date: 11-27-2022
Griefer IC name: Jessy Sykes, Amp Amperson, Chud Cel

What happened: Formed a racist gang and then assaulted me for no reason, shoving and kicking me and telling me to “Go bakk tu space bees!” You could search that quote exactly to find the time of the incident. You could also search up “He shitted!” Jessy Sykes in particular had also been harassing me in earlier rounds for no reason but those were more minor incidents. I’ve got the logs saved and I posted a screenshot in the discord at #public-chat-images:

Let me know if you guys need anything else from me! Thanks!

Thank you for the report! This has been looked into.